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Learning To Love Yourself After Overcoming Addiction

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Learning to Love Yourself After Overcoming Addiction

In this ever evolving life of unpredictability, most people tend to be a reaction to the bad parts of themselves. This can be a good and a bad thing- it all depends on how that person decides to harness their perspective on the situation. While focusing on our negative performances can bring us down, it’s vital to catalog them and never forget. We can keep them in mind, but it’s even more important to keep in mind the esteemable acts we’ve done. To keep in mind the things we’ve done to right our wrongs or to create the confident individuals we aim to mark ourselves as in society. It’s usually easier to point out your own flaws than it is learning to love yourself again.

Every single day we stumble out of bed and keep trudging through life…Is it worth it? I supposed it kind of goes back to the glass of water cliche. Some say the glass of water is half full, and some say it’s empty. Then there are those that look at it confused and say they prefer juice over water- either completely missing the analogy or over analyzing it. The point being that in most cases we keep moving forward because we value life. It’s in our basic instincts to live and survive. We weren’t put on this earth like dinosaurs just to die.

Unfortunately those of us struggling with addiction, or any other illness’ for that matter, have a tendency to focus on the negativity. Chemical dependency brings misfortune, and once you’re accustomed in the realm of pessimism- it’s hard to get out. Getting sober and learning to love yourself again can be one of the greatest freedoms on the planet. To be over joyous, even when we make those gigantic blunders, is the way to live. There’s no need to be a slave in your own body.


Loving to Learn of Yourself

The blunt synopsis of this is that most are apologetic when they feel they have committed an act that is less that the expectation. All too familiar with that constant feeling of having let somebody down- or ourselves for that matter. First and foremost, it’s a must that we snap out of the mindset that we have ruined beyond repair. No, this is not a justification to do morally inept things, but a reminder that nothing in this life is permanent except death. The point leading to that we can recover and we can come back by doing things that makes us and others happy. When we commit to improving the quality of life and performing esteem-able acts, we begin living that happy, joyous and free lifestyle.

First and foremost, to love others, we have to love ourselves. Raising your self-esteem so that you know deep down in your soul that you are worth it takes time, but it takes necessary time. You are alive and triumph again and again over tribulations. Recognize that you are a strong individual daily. Once you start implementing this practice, the negativity will not be nearly as effective. Take time for yourself and know that you’re not alone. We all view ourselves differently than the outside world sees us, but to understand the realities is the big challenge. The trick is to really accept all of our strengths and our weaknesses. You are in control of your life and decide to be as happy as you want to be.


Learning the Love of Yourself

Now, having decided we wanted to live a happier life with much less unpleasantness, there is a direction in mind we can pursue. Just a few of the things we can do in learning to love yourself again can include:

  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Eating Right
  • Relaxing/Taking Time for Self
  • Therapy and/or Counseling
  • Learning that You’re Only HUMAN

Once we begin getting these parts down we can start becoming active members in the community and helping others. Now that we have started to look at things in a more optimistic manner from the increased taking care of self, then the idea is to start paying the esteemable acts forward- which in turn will make us feel even better! A wise man once said that life is like a table filled with all sorts of different drinking glasses. Our job on this planet is to keep those glasses of water full so that others can be happy. Yet at the same time, we have to keep our pitcher full to do so. Therein lays a wonderful ingredient to the masterful recipe of life. In my own experience, I know I feel warmest and most content when making somebody else happy. The good makes you forget about the bad, a simpleton rhetoric that stays true to the end.



Another noteworthy point to add to is that when it comes to self-esteem and apologizing for your past actions, remember that an apology is only a few words. Saying “sorry” doesn’t necessarily make the condition any better- whether it’s to yourself or another being. Take the broken plate analogy for example. Say I throw a plate at the ground and it shatters. When I say sorry afterward, yes the intentions are good, but does it fix the plate? The answer is no if you were wondering. Now if I clean up the mess and fix the old plate or buy a brand new one, my actions are showing a lot more love and care in them. Lending an extra hand and giving genuine help, that is how you thank those closest for their patience. It’s all about paying it forward- no need for apologies all day long. Remember to show your worth, not just to yourself but to those around you.


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