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How Long Do I Have To Stay in An Addiction Rehab Center?

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You have been struggling with addiction and you realize that you have hit a wall that you cannot climb by yourself. What began as something you thought was completely under your control has become the opposite. You can’t get through day to day living without thinking about how you are going to have more of the source of your addiction. Substance abuse doesn’t give you happiness. You know that you have a problem and you need to get help before your addiction can get any worse. The best place to begin is with an addiction recovery center in a place where you will get help that is targeted to meet your needs.


Recovery from Addiction Involves a Process

There is no such thing as a magic cure from addiction. You can’t go to bed one night with an addiction only to have it vanish the next morning. It is going to involve a process that revolves around what you need. Your treatment plan will not be one-size-fits-all. Your medical team that is involved in your treatment will assess your situation and determine what steps need to be taken as you begin the process of breaking free from the source of your addiction. When you are addicted, you have an illness. Substance abuse changes the way that your brain works, creating a chemical dependency. In order to eliminate the toxins that build up in your body from drug or alcohol use, you will need to stop using the source of your addiction. From that point on, you will need to deal with cravings, the effects of withdrawal, and finding you way back to who you were before addiction changed your life.

How Long Do You Have to Stay in an Addiction Rehab Facility?

As you take that giant step of entering an addiction recovery program in order to achieve wellness, one of your biggest concerns is going to be the length of your stay. This can be a challenge for many victims of addiction as they think about what it will take in order to become sober. You need to remember that addiction rehabilitation is what you need in order to take back your life. If you want to live without the dark cloud of addiction hovering over you, casting a shadow on everything that is good in your life, you are going to need to accept the fact that your treatment plan is going to need a commitment from you. You need to listen to your medical care team as you are provided with a recommendation for the length of your stay. Your recovery plan may take as little as thirty days. However, you may need sixty days in order to be successful. In some cases, your treatment plan could take ninety days. It is going to depend on you and your response to treatment. You will be carefully evaluated throughout the recovery process. You may be given an initial time frame of thirty days. If the members of your recovery team feel that you are ready, you will be given clearance to go at that time. If there have been any setbacks, or your medical team feels that you would benefit from more treatment time, your rehabilitation program could be extended.

Do What it Takes to be Healthy Again

You want to overcome your addiction. You want to put this illness behind you and enjoy life again. Addiction has caused everything that matters in life to suffer. It has been getting in the way at work, affecting your ability to perform your job. It has placed a major strain on your relationships with people who care about you. It is damaging your health. It may be overwhelming to consider an addiction treatment plan, but caring professionals are going to provide you with the tools you need in order to recover. When you make the decision to enter a rehabilitation program, you are making a promise to yourself to be well again. Don’t break that promise.

Prepare Yourself for the Journey Out of Addiction

It took time to be controlled by addiction. Breaking free is going to require patience and a dedication to yourself. You will need to put your needs at the top of the list if you want to find the path that will lead you to freedom from addiction. You will begin with the detoxification process once you no longer have access to the source of your addiction. In the safe and supportive environment of your addiction recovery facility, you will have the support you need to eliminate substance abuse from your body. You will be surrounded by a group of others who are traveling the same road as you are with professionals who only want to see you put your addiction behind you. When you are no longer under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your mind will be able to focus on learning how you can live without substance abuse. You will learn what has influenced you to make the decision to turn to the source of your addiction. You will figure out what your trigger factors are so that you can be aware of them in the future. Learn how you can avoid substance abuse when you are faced with challenges in life. Find out how you can make healthy choices when you have to cope with a difficult situation or the urge to turn to the source of your addiction again. Every day that you are no longer under the control of drugs or alcohol is a day that you are getting stronger.


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