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Mortality Rate Of Substance Use Disorders, Self-Harm Increased Dramatically In Past 34 Years

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Mortality Rate Of Substance Use Disorders, Self-Harm Increased Dramatically In Past 34 Years

Mortality rates in the U.S. caused by drug use disorders have spiked nationwide since 1980. Rates caused by alcohol use and self-harm have decreased overall, but have been trending upward since the turn of the century. Mortality rate

According to an analysis of data from 1980 to 2014, these rates, including those related to violence. Geographically, the numbered varied considerably, all the way down to the county level.

For the study, researchers analyzed substance use disorders that included both drugs and alcohol as well as interpersonal violence and self-harm. They sought to identify trends that could inform therapeutic and prevention efforts.

Dywer-Lindgren and co-authors wrote:

“Substance use disorders and intentional injury are responsible for a significant health burden in the United States, particularly among young and middle-aged adults.”

They went on to say that among those aged 15-49 years, “self-harm, drug use disorders, and interpersonal violence were the first, second, and fifth leading causes of death combined.”

The analysis showed that mortality rates related to drug use disorders increased nationwide, but also in 99.8% of counties over the 34 year period. Increases varied from 8.2% to 8,369.75. The national age-standardized mortality rate in 2014 was 10.4 per 100,0000, an overall increase of 618.3% since 1980.

From the study:

“Our study is primarily descriptive in nature and does not necessarily point to any one prevention or treatment choice. We hope that it will help highlight where there are particularly pressing needs, and where there are concerning trends…”

About the Epidemic

In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate nearly 64,000 in the U.S., died from overdoses of either drugs or alcohol. Of those, the vast majority (around 42,000) involved prescription or illicit opioids such as fentanyl.

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