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Do PA Rehab Centers Take Insurance?

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Concerned loved ones and addicts themselves face a crossroads at some point in the progression of the addiction. They wonder how to stop the addiction and then where they can go to stop the addiction. Few alcoholics or drug addicts have enough “willpower” to quit on their own. In reality, willpower itself doesn’t have much to do with the ability to stop an addiction. The anatomy of an addiction is a biological and physical one, not a case of willpower or mental strength. The only thing an addict or alcoholic needs mental strength for is the mental strength to recognize that there is a problem with their use that is causing them to lose precious things like:

  • Employment
  • A safe home
  • Relationships
  • Control
  • Sanity

Once an addict or alcoholic realizes that there is a problem, they’ve already taken an important first step toward recovery. What follows will determine whether or not that recovery succeeds. Pennsylvania rehab centers have become an important component to recovery in the United States. People travel from all over the country to get help here. And it’s understandable. Recovery is an active part of the medical community here, as doctors and scientists struggle to combat the many different facets of addiction.

One of the first questions people wonder is whether or not insurance will pay for a detox in PA. The short answer is yes, it’s possible that health insurance will pay for your entire detox stay, even a long-term residential stay. All insurance types are different, and there is no one way to guarantee that your particular insurance is going to pay for a full stay in rehab. But there are a few good ways to find out:

  • Check the insurance page to see if your insurance is listed
  • Call the rehab directly to see if your specific insurance is accepted
  • Call your insurance company to see if it pays for the type of detox you are interested in

Making the call is your first practical step toward rehab. It shows that you are not just thinking about recovering but actively taking a step to recover or to help someone you love recover. Many parents call to help their addicted children get the hope they need to recover. It’s a practical step you can take for your child that may save their life later on down the road. You never know when the step you take is going to be the one that shows your child: Yes, there is help. And here’s exactly what we can do to get you the help you need to recover from your addiction. Seeing that insurance covers a rehab stay in PA might be the one thing that finally compels them to seek the help they need. You should never give up hope that what you’re doing is the one thing that may save your child’s life or perhaps your own life.


Addiction Treatment Approaches In PA

If you find out that insurance covers the stay, this will take a lot of worries off your mind. You know that help is always just a phone call away, and you can travel to PA at any time and enter the rehab that wants to change your life for the better. Just knowing that insurance pays is a real relief. The next question is, what’s going to happen when you enter the rehab?

Rehabs are fully devoted to their clients and offer a compassionate, albeit clinical setting for addicts and alcoholics to recover from their addiction. By the time addicts and alcoholics reach rehab, they’ve often lost a number of important things. Some have lost jobs, marriages, homes, transportation, and even the ability to function in a healthy way. No case is too hopeless to benefit from rehab, though. During the course of rehab, alcoholics and addicts learn that their addiction is the source of their primary problems. It’s a disease just like any other disease and the symptoms include interpersonal problems that at first might seem insurmountable.

No problem is insurmountable! With the dedicated and compassionate help of clinical staff and a healthy portion of peer support that eases the soul, rehabs give the addict or alcoholic a remarkably supportive and understanding environment to recover in. The first portion of rehab is to recover from the physical addiction that might be plaguing the addict or alcoholic. It’s a safe, comfortable environment where the support of clinicians AND peers are plentiful. They’ll have the opportunity to benefit from things like:

That last one is more important than it seems. In a rehab center, the primary goal is to RECOVER! There’s no need to tackle all of life’s problems at once. Once in a safe rehab center, you or your loved one has the time to rest and relax in a setting that is conducive to recovery. This helps to encourage progress and hope.


Reach Out For Hope of Recovery Today

There IS hope. No matter how dire your situation or the situation of the person you love, addicts and alcoholics can and DO recover each and every day in Pennsylvania. There’s no recovery without the concrete step of calling and getting a spot and rehab, though. For questions about insurance, you can always call us, and you can always reach out to us with any other question, too. We are here solely to help addicts, alcoholics, and their families recover together, slowly but surely.

You can call us any time at 888-380-0342. Our helpful staff will speak with you about our programs and how they can help you or your loved one. We’re always just a phone call away. Please call us at your earliest convenience and let us help.

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