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Naloxone Kits, Worth $5 Million In State Funding, To Be Distributed Throughout Pennsylvania

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Naloxone Kits Worth $5 Million In State Funding, To Be Distributed Throughout Pennsylvania

Officials from the Wolf administration announced this week that applications to receive naloxone kits, which contain an opioid overdose reversal drug, are being accepted statewide.

Health Secretary and Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine:

“Getting first responders enhanced access to naloxone saves lives and gives those suffering from the disease of addiction a second chance.”

Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Jennifer Smith, Secretary:

“The availability of naloxone is a crucial component in the first step toward the road to recovery. The need for naloxone does not stop at first responders and law enforcement.”

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), and Pennsylvania’s Department of Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs will use $5 million in state funding from the 2017 to 2018 state budget to make 60,000 kits of naloxone available to all Pennsylvania counties over two years.

These kits, which include two 4 milligram doses are supplied by Adapt Pharma in Radnor, PA. will be dispensed based on a calculation of several factors, such as county population, the number of overdose deaths, and data from the state’s prescription drug monitoring program.

Twice a year, PCCD is set to update the dispersed amounts using county data to monitor the real-time need of naloxone kits throughout Pennsylvania. A main point of contact, such as a local health office or medical director, will be assigned to each county or region that will coordinate the process of ensuring the kits are available to first responders.

The following first responders within counties who receive naloxone include:

* Emergency medical services and medical technicians
* Law enforcement
* Firefighters
* Probation and parole officers
* County correctional facilities
* Constables
* Afterschool program personnel
* Public transit drivers
* Domestic violence and homeless shelter personnel
* Public defenders’ offices
* Library personnel
* Drug addiction treatment providers
* Any community group legally organized and trained to respond to drug overdose emergencies and administer intranasal naloxone.

Kits may be available as early as next month, and Adapt Pharma will dispense the naloxone to the regional points of contact to be made accessible to the first responders identified as beneficiaries.

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A., Psychology



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