Attorney Announces Prince Was Actively Seeking Help From Addiction Doctor

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Attorney Announces Prince Was Actively Seeking Help From Addiction Doctor

New information related to the mysterious death of Prince – according to a published report, representatives for the artist arranged a meeting between Prince and a California doctor who specializes in addiction – just one day before his death.

Attorney William Mauzy answered questions from the media today when he arrived at his office. Mauzy is Dr. Howard Kornfeld’s attorney, and said that the addiction doctor was not able to meet with Prince immediately, so he sent his son on his behalf to Minnesota instead

Wait, what? Have you ever been reading a really perplexing story, true or not – and as details come out, and things unravel, you have that “WOW” moment? This is it.

Dr. Kornfeld’s son Andrew took a late flight to Minnesota on April 20, 2016. He planned to arrive at Prince’s Paisley Park estate the next morning.

When he arrived, Andrew Kornfeld was one of the three people who found the artist passed away in his elevator. He is also…wait for it…the person who called 911.


“Dr. Kornfeld was never able to meet Prince, never talked to Prince, and sadly, unable to arrive in time to help Prince.”

Kornfeld was in possession of a small amount of buprehnorphine, a pain relief drug which poses less chance of addiction or overdose than other painkillers. The medication was purportedly to be given to a local Minnesota doctor who was also scheduled to visit with Prince.

Mauzy also stated that the addiction doctor often sent his son, a pre-med student, on his behalf to meet potential patients and encourage them to seek treatment. Howard Kornfeld operates Recovery Without Walls in Mill Valley, California. On the website, his son Andrew is listed as a practice consultant.

Law enforcement officials have announced that there is an ongoing investigation in the death of Prince, and are looking at the possibility of an overdose. They are also seeking facts surrounding the mysterious impromptu plane landing the week before.

Mauzy went on to say to say that the artist was “dealing with a grave medical emergency”, and that Dr. Kornfeld planned to get Prince stabilized at home, and then convince him to receive treatment in his facility in Mill Valley.

The approach used by the addiction doctor and his son to address the situation is already under scrutiny.

Toxicology reports, which may reveal once and for all what happened to the artist may not be released for several more weeks.

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A., Psychology

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