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How is Privacy Handled At Drug Rehab Centers in PA?

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If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, there is help for you. Treatment centers in Pennsylvania offer:

Compassionate, Confidential and Concerned Care

The decision to face your drug or alcohol addiction head on is tough, but we’re here to help. At Just Believe Recovery, we are committed to making your recovery process a success, while providing compassion, personalized care, and the utmost discretion. Because we are keenly aware that knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction can adversely impact an individual’s social standing, interpersonal relationships or employment, the staff at our drug treatment center strives to protect your privacy. We pledge to provide professional counseling and comprehensive therapies tailored to suit your unique lifestyle while maintaining your strictest confidence.

Enroll and Participate Privately

You may choose to enroll in one of our drug or alcohol addiction programs under an assumed or assigned name or code so that the general public cannot know that you are undergoing treatment. Participate in outpatient, inpatient, or ongoing rehabilitation programs under a stringent privacy and confidentiality policy strictly upheld by our staff of qualified therapists and counselors.

Our professional rehab center therapists and staff are prohibited from sharing your identity or information about treatment, except when it is medically necessary. If telephone inquiries are made, center staff do not divulge or acknowledge that you have been admitted or are currently in the facility. Similar to hospital policy, rehab center staff may be instructed to simply say there is no information available or that there is no one under your name within the facility. This kind of privacy protocol serves to deter those who would inquire about your treatment—giving you time to heal, to recover and to begin anew without the stigma of substance abuse.

Confidentiality Right from the Start

During your personal intake interview, we’ll review our facility’s policy on privacy, confidentiality, and patient rights. From the moment you enroll, employees are prohibited from revealing your identity or treatment plan with anyone not involved in your case, except a family member designated at your discretion. We believe that efforts to protect your privacy contribute greatly to your ability and willingness to not only participate more fully in recovery programs but also to gain the confidence crucial to your rehabilitation process.

How Important is Privacy to Drug Abuse Treatment?

Before you can fully recover from an addiction, you must feel confident and assured that you will be given time to recuperate without distractions. For this reason, visitations from family or friends are limited and confined to a specific schedule to allow you time to recover without encountering some of the emotional triggers that can attribute to substance abuse.

Built for Privacy

Drug rehab centers in Pennsylvania are designed to keep the curious and inquisitive outside. Many facilities are gated with full time security available 24 hours a day. No one can just drive up on the property and enter treatment or residential areas without being screened and escorted. Some facilities have security cameras that provide round the clock monitoring of facility interior and exteriors, including buildings and grounds, to ensure the safety and privacy of clients and staff. Your sleeping quarters and recreational areas are continually monitored by center staff to ensure your privacy is never disturbed.

Facilities strive to make you feel relaxed and at home, but security in private areas is still a concern. While you may be assigned a staff person to interact and monitor your progress during recreation, dining, or participating in group activities, your inpatient quarters are off limits to other clients.

Visitors are Screened and Monitored

Visitors must sign into a designated area, leaving all personal items including cell phones and electronic devices behind. Upon arrival, visitors will likely present your private client code or patient ID number to gain access to a waiting room or lobby. The waiting area is designed to restrain and screen guests before they are escorted by a member of the staff into your temporary living area. Before visitors can interact with clients, all bags, luggage, or handbags are searched to ensure that your treatment plan is not impaired. While you are undergoing treatment, you may not receive prescription or recreational street drugs, alcoholic beverages, or food items that might impair your drug rehab treatment or place them at risk of physical, mental or emotional injury.

Our Goal: to Help You Get Better

The goal of our drug rehab center in Pennsylvania is to offer a private, non-threatening environment where you can receive individual attention, get an accurate assessment of your addiction and adhere to a prescribed treatment plan to remove the physical and emotional impulses that drive substance abuse. In order to begin the healing process, our therapists recommend isolation from your current physical environment, certain emotional and mental triggers, and the people that might have contributed to or exacerbated the addiction. To that end, our substance abuse rehabilitation center provides a fully staffed private facility with short- and long-term residences to give you a fighting chance against chemical dependence and addiction.

Freedom Can Be Yours – Call Today!

Within the privacy of our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center amidst a tranquil setting, you can undergo treatment centered solely on getting well. Time away from the hustle and bustle of every day living in a serene setting with people who genuinely care is the first step to recovery from chemical addiction. We offer detox from chemical dependency, confidential private counseling, group therapy sessions, inpatient or outpatient services, and rehabilitation therapies designed to put you on the path to recovery. Why not make the decision today to break the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse? We invite you to experience a new chapter in your life –free from addiction. For a confidential consultation, call 888-380-0342 today.

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