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12-Step Treatment Program

The original 12 Steps to addressing alcoholism still applies today to drug rehab and works with any addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both incorporate these 12 steps in the program.

The 12-step program, in part, helps people to address what’s within them and to repair relationships. Due to the anonymity of the program, it helps people to feel free to be honest with themselves and others to fully engage in personal inventory.

Step 1: Admit Powerlessness
This initial step brings about a confession that addicts are powerless over their addiction. Their lives became unmanageable.

Step 2: Find Hope
This step involves an addict believing that a higher power can restore the recovering addict’s sanity.

Step 3: Surrender
Here, addicts turn their will and lives over to God—as they understand Him.

Step 4: Take Inventory
Addicts take moral inventory of themselves.

Step 5: Share Inventory
This step involves people admitting to God, to themselves and another person their moral inventory.

Step 6: Become Ready
The addict must be prepared to remove characteristic defects.

Step 7: Ask God
In this step, the addict must ask God to remove shortcomings.

Step 8: Make List of Amends
The addict must make a list of people he or she has harmed and be willing to make amends.

Step 9: Make Amends
You have to make amends with people who were harmed. However, the addict should refrain from doing so if this is to cause further harm.

Step 10: Continue Inventory
Involves continually taking personal inventory.

Step 11: Pray and Meditate
Entails praying to God to improve the addict’s conscious contact with Him, pray for knowledge for His will in the addict’s life and enabling the addict to carry out God’s will.

This step encompasses all of the former steps. The addict achieves a spiritual awakening as a result of the former step and sets forth to practice the principles learned while sharing this message with other addicts.

People try on their own to “beat” their addictions; however, they must come to terms that they are powerless against it. Following a 12-step program with quality drug rehabilitation is the best course of action.

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