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Seven Essential Questions To Ask Before Entering An Addiction Treatment Program

Essential Question for Addiction Recovery Programs | Just Believe Recovery PA

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For many who suffer from addiction, the professional treatment is the best hope for recovery. For those people and their loved ones, it is essential to find a treatment facility that meets the needs of the individual and offers an evidence-based program shown to be highly effective.

Therefore, we have compiled the following list of essential questions to ask before entering a substance abuse treatment program.

Does the Program Offer Personalized Individual Treatment?

People with substance use disorders often have experienced many common factors. However, no two people’s addiction will be identical, and for that reason, treatment should be highly customized to the individual. This notion may sound obvious, but some programs tend to focus more on a one-size-fits-all rather than individualized approach.

Discussing your treatment options beforehand is critical to ensure staff can develop a program that will meet your needs and have a high chance of success.

What Type of Detox Options Does Your Addiction Treatment Program Offer?

Detox is usually the first step in the recovery process. Different centers offer different types of detox options to help you or your loved one remove toxins and chemicals from the body.

Substance abuse can critically alter healthy brain function. Upon withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, the body attempts to get back to normal function. This process results in wide arrange of mental and physical problems.

Detox should always take place under professional care. Around-the-clock supervision ensures the patient is kept safe and stable and prevented from relapse. Medications can be administered that reduce many the worst symptoms of withdrawal.

Detox, like recovery, must be personalized. Factors considered include the substance(s) of abuse and the duration and severity of the addiction.

Is the Program Adaptable Throughout Your Stay?

Flexibility and adaptability is an essential feature of an addiction recovery program. Throughout the process, you will change, and there will likely be obstacles that need to be addressed and take priority as you learn and grow.

Before entering a program, make sure staff will work with you to amend and update the treatment plan. There should be daily meetings and discussion regarding your treatment progress and if necessary, modified to ensure you have the best results.

What are the Treatment Options Available in the Program?

Research has shown that the most effective evidence-based treatments are comprehensive in nature and offer a variety of approaches. These include psychotherapy, group therapy, music, garden or art therapy, 12-step program participation, counseling, and holistic practices such as meditation and yoga.

How Long Is the Program?

There is no quick fix to recovery – it is a lifelong journey. For some time, you will need to use coping skills daily in order to keep your addiction at bay.

Studies have shown that people who remain in treatment for longer periods (3 months or more) experience more successful outcomes. You should only consider facilities that offer a full 90 days of treatment, keeping in mind that the entire 90 days may not be residential but can transfer into an intensive outpatient plan.

Who are the Professionals on Staff?

Ask about the center’s accreditations and the credentials and experience of the professional staff. Also, ask about the patient to staff ratio – the lower the rate, the more time therapists, and counselors have to spend on you or your loved one’s recovery.

What Are the Costs and Payment Options?

Quality addiction treatment may more than some other options, but often, you do get what you pay for. Medicare is an option for some, while others have private health insurance that will cover most or all of the costs associated with treatment.

However, for those who fall somewhere in the middle, you will need to discuss payment plans and options for covering the cost of treatment. Moreover, don’t enter a program blindly not knowing what costs for which you will ultimately be responsible.

What Happens Post-Program (Aftercare)?

Once you are discharged from treatment, the real work begins. Re-entry into the world can be terrifying, and you may not feel 100% prepared to deal with it. Therefore, ongoing care and support are critical for recovery and the prevention of relapse.

Aftercare often consists of support groups, sponsors, and continuous counseling and regular medical care. Most treatment centers also have alumni programs that provide long-term support for people in recovery.

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