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Reading Up On Self-Love in Sobriety

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Planet Earth’s durability is tested on a daily basis with the overpopulation of human beings just trying to coexist. Some say we’re not overpopulated, but that the area’s we live in are actually just condensed. Nonetheless, at the very least it seems a bit too overcrowded at times. There are 7.6 billion human beings breathing, scratching, and crawling on this tiny little globe we call home. Just for reference, a billion seconds is 31.7 years of time. Translate that however necessary; 1 billion is not a small number.

Earth keeps spinning for us, day in and day out as we abuse it, but why? Is it religion? Science? A great flying spaghetti monster in the sky? Or maybe there is another purpose that none of us can comprehend. Surely Earth isn’t here just for our measly usage. I mean with all the lonely people, where do they all belong? Aren’t we all born in the same ignorant state, scrambling for an understanding of the one life we have? Cynical maybe, but reality definitely.

Some say love is one of the answers to life, and if it is, at one point does it end? Is love a noun, verb, or adjective? Is there an infinite amount of it or does it fade with death only to be reborn with each new life brimming at the surface of possibility?  Surely there are limitations to that of which we feel the heart laced emotion. Is is possible to love everything? Friends- yes. Family- yes. Places, ideas, and inanimate objects- of course. Yet at the end of the day, as we unravel as a spec on Earth’s timeline, do we ever take time to love ourselves? Can one possibly spread love if that inner love does not bloom from within?

Looking Into Reading Into It

Of course there are many questions just asked no doubt, but of all of which have relevance. There’s relevance to life, relevance to love, and relevance to sobriety. They all intertwine in a in a cavalcade of emotional ambition that is often the forefront of a proper recovery. However, for some of us it takes time to discover that balance. Everything about sobriety is balance. Locating our ability to love ourselves sometimes needs that extra push. Reading up on self-love in sobriety can be that little bit of necessary influence that stops you from self repugnance for doing something silly, or even worse, not being able to forgive yourself for your past actions in active addiction. Self-love in sobriety is a requirement for that forgiveness, or any quality recovery for that matter.

It’s easy to love, but it’s easy to loathe too. All hatred is tied to love, so when it comes to relationship with self, this is where many of us waiver on that fine line. Using books on self- love can teach us things about ourselves that we would never think in a million years. For instance, understanding our emotions and the power behind them is the key to our relationship with self, in or out of sobriety. Everything emotion we feel is not only thought mentally but also felt physically. When we think of something that makes us angry or joyful it can be felt inside and out. Your skin boils when rage ensues, becoming hot. At the same time, with pure happiness we feel the butterflies in our stomachs and the racing of our hearts. Love is one of the most powerful emotions in existence. It’s a drug in itself to not be abused, creating light in even the darkest of times.


Loving Between the Lines

Reading up on self-love in sobriety helps advocate for a sense of self by finding a belonging that we never knew to exist. It teaches us new perspectives that demonstrate how self seeking tenderness is healing for the soul, added with the justice of giving back at other times. Again, remember it’s all about that balance.

The best part about reading up on self-love in sobriety is that there are so many options depending upon what style you’re looking for. There’s something for everyone out there if you do a little research. Just a few recommended examples of love based literature to name include:

  • Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self- Love and Miracles– Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow– Elizabeth Lesser
  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom– Don Miguel Ruiz
  • A Return to Love– Marianne Williamson
  • The Gifts of Imperfection– Brene Brown

These examples for reading up on self-love while in sobriety can teach us that life is just a matter of comprehending the emotions that storm the gates of our minds one thousand deep. Yet how can we comprehend the things we don’t know? After all, one who knows nothing can understand nothing. Knowledge is power.  


Love Life

Those in recovery learn the tools that teach us to live in the present moment, accepting things for what they are. Not all are so fortunate to really get to understand themselves and analyze their problems like recovery teaches addicts. Because of this, addicts take on a completely different understanding of love than most.

Love and recovery encompass the same ideas of equality, understanding, honesty, integrity, selflessness, etc. Love is just as much about balance as recovery is. Every waiter must fill their pitcher in order to fill the customer’s cups, so must every individual who wishes to give back into this world. All the secrets of the world are contained in books. Read up on self-love in sobriety and watch your mind expand.

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