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Fitness and Recreational Therapy

Recovering from addiction is an immense challenge for people who struggle with substance abuse. However, using a therapeutic approach that incorporates fitness and recreational therapy has been proven to increase the chances of success.

What Is Fitness and Recreational Therapy?

Exercise has been found to have many surprising benefits, including improving the immune system, aiding with good sleep, and reducing chronic disease. There are many surprising mental benefits to exercise as well, including:

  • Lowering depression
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Improving the self-image
  • Helping people feel more in tune with their body

In addition, playing games, from competitive sports to board games, has been proven to improve one’s mood and sharpen reasoning skills. When recreational activities are incorporated into a therapeutic program and led by trained professionals, it is called fitness and recreational therapy.

The Just Believe rehab facility includes extensive exercise and recreational facilities, including:

  • A basketball court
  • A fitness center with cardio and weight machines
  • Ping pong and foosball tables
  • Board games

How Does Fitness and Recreational Therapy Help With Addiction Recovery?

There are two important ways that fitness and recreational therapy can help people trying to overcome drug abuse.

  1. Exercise is a natural high because it releases endorphins. These are the same compounds affected by drug use. This improves mood and also makes the detox process easier.
  2. Exercise relieves the stress of recovery and can help people rediscover true happiness. Several research trials have found that fitness and recreation improve the effective of drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Drug abuse is a disease of both the mind and the body. A successful approach to this disease will incorporate both psychological and physical therapies to address all components of rehabilitation.

Substance abuse is both a disease and a battle. For many people, the outcome of this battle may make the difference between life and death. It’s crucial to choose a professional drug rehab center that offers a multi-therapy approach to address the psychological, physical and spiritual components of substance abuse. These high quality programs are very successful in helping people successfully recover and build new, sober lives.

Just Believe Recovery is a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

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