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Group Therapy

If you or a loved one struggle with addiction, it’s time to reclaim your life and your health. Group therapy is one type of therapy that has proven especially effective when dealing with substance abuse issues.

Group Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Group therapy is often particularly helpful for diseases that have a psychosocial component. Substance abuse is one such disease. People who are in the recovery process report gaining moral support and new insight from group therapy sessions led by qualified staff members. Group therapy addresses the psychological, social and spiritual issues that underlie addictive behavior.

Unique Benefits of Group Therapy in Drug Rehab

Many people initially think that group therapy will not be helpful to them. They tend to be reluctant about sharing their innermost thoughts and most serious problems with other people. However, group therapy has many benefits, especially for people who are dealing with substance abuse. These benefits include:

  • Encouragement from nonjudgmental people in similar situations
  • Advice from people who are further along in recovery
  • Sharing your struggle in a safe setting
  • Social bonds with people who are also leading a sober life
  • Dealing with guilt and shame associated with substance abuse
  • Guidance from a licensed therapist who leads sessions
  • A chance to help other people beginning their recovery path

Treatment That Works

Substance abuse is a multi-faceted and potentially deadly disorder. A variety of approaches are needed in order to have the best chances at a complete recovery. The stakes are high, so a multidisciplinary approach is needed to address issues in the mind, body and spirit.

Our group therapy sessions are gender-specific and small, about 7–10 people, which creates the safe atmosphere that people need to comfortably discuss their substance abuse and related issues. We have 10–15 different psychoeducational groups to choose from.

It is important for people seeking substance abuse treatment to choose a rehab program that will offer a variety of approaches, including group therapy, to address the many challenges that these patients will encounter. While it is difficult to overcome from drug or alcohol addiction, a holistic approach gives people the best chance at a full recovery and a new life.

We Believe Recovery Is Possible For Everyone.
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