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State Assistance Options To Consider In Recovery

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The famous philosopher Plato once scribed, “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge”. Though this carries accuracy, emotion typically trumps the other two channels. Emotion is the catalyst for both our longings and quests for understanding. We feel emotion mentally and physically, allowing our feelings to literally drive us with every step.     

Out of these instinctive sensations, the simplicity of love and fear are the foundation of emotional involvement in most situations. Undergone separately or together, they are the root to most of the rational and/or irrational thought process’ we conjure between our ears. Yet even though both stem deep down from similar places, their inducement may manifest entirely perpendicular situations. Fear carries a negative connotation with it usually. This negativity can be awfully heavy too.

For any good addict/alcoholic, the heaviness of fear will prevent us from finding the help we need when our chemical dependency has gotten powerless and unmanageable. Even if we find that help, fear might stop us from taking proactive steps like going to meetings, working the 12 steps, or researching state assistance options to consider in recovery. That’s alcoholic thinking in a nutshell though; a disease that tries to eliminate any and all ambitious doctrine. When we allow our pretty little fears to ruminate, we gives the disease control. On the contrary, fellow-shipping or taking advantage of state assistance options strips the disease of its power. We the people rise by lifting others.


Considering Assistance Options

The nation of red, white, and blue has a lot of benefits when it comes to finding state assistance options. Naturally of course this varies from state to state, but nonetheless, the opportunities are usually there. The state assistance options offered in particular states could be that extra tool that makes or breaks your sobriety. At the very least they’re advantageous for some. No they’re not entirely necessary for recovery success, but if we are fortunate enough to make it away from the dark side of active addiction, we might as well take advantage of all that is being offered to us.

The reality of addiction is that is drains us in all areas of our life: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and more. If we’re lucky enough to get clean, not landing in a pine box coffin, most of us find ourselves in debt with self esteem having flat out abandoned ship. State assistance options are there for those that do not have the means to produce for themselves but want to. For the individuals that want to clean up their debts, while contributing to society, but need help.

Everybody needs help in this life, not just those that are down and out. Giving and receiving help are a few of the key principles to recovery. Asking for help does not make a person weak by any means- it makes them stronger for having the courage to do so. Essentially by looking into state assistance options in recovery, we are practicing becoming better beings in one perspective. .     


State Reinforcement

The United States has an array of state assistance options to help those in recovery such as pecuniary help for paying rent, utility bills, free food, medical care, and other forms that are made available. Some of the existing possibilities for such public relief may include:

  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • Lifeline Assistance Programs
  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association Grants
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Discount Drug Cards

Even with that list, the types of help available still doesn’t stop there. There are more financial support programs out there available to the public dependent on individualized basis’, it’s just a matter of doing a little research. In this situation, the government will help you if you help yourself.


Utilizing Public Aid

Again, every state is different, but there is usually some sort of program available for every situation. Take the state of Florida for instance. Florida offers such backings as the Florida Lifeline Assistance Program; a program that can provide affordable/free options for those in need of a phone or cellular service. This is a program that can provide a $13.50 credit per month on a phone landline bill, or it can provide approximately 60 free cell phone minutes per month. In this day of age, cell phones are a necessity. The sidewalks don’t even have payphones anymore and landlines are often unheard of. State assistance like this makes it so that those that want to help themselves can still get by while they recover the pieces from the days of active addiction. Of course, this is one minor example of the possibilities.

There are always a lot of variables that can depend on whether or not somebody is eligible to receive state assistance, but of course it’s better to check than to keep things like this in the unknown. Technically anybody can benefit from government programs, but they are designed to help those attempting the upswing(such as individuals in early recovery). Far too many are doomed to dwell within the confines of their own cureless disease for ignoring bits of help like this out there, or for letting fear stop them from reaching out and grabbing the bull by the horns. Stop yourself from stopping yourself and do yourself a favor.

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