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The DEA Plans to Slow Down Opioid Abuse   

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 The chances of you reading this article and having been affected by the current state of the opioid epidemic are incredibly high. Not high like that that the opioids give you, but high as in “if you haven’t been affected personally by the disease of addiction and the outbreak of deadly opioids plaguing our nation, then probably somebody close to you has”. This pandemic, concentrating thoroughly on the United States, is an ever growing problem that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The “War on Drugs”, as it’s been so infamously labeled by many Presidential administrations beforehand, has been classified as a joke by the bulk of our own government and media. It really seems that some don’t understand the nature of the disease of addiction, or they just don’t care because there’s too much money to be made still.   


But money or not, you can never be entirely sure why things are the way they are. Sure it could simply be greed, or it could be the mere lack of guilt in many lobbyists. Possibly it’s the failed efforts of our intelligence agencies or just alcoholism on the rise? Whatever the case, there are some things we know for certain. The Trump administration has declared the U.S. to be in a “state of emergency”, hundreds of premature deaths are occurring collectively across the board, and Narcan is now a household product like window cleaner or bleach. So where did we turn wrong?


Fortunately there is still hope and not all is grim. Luckily there are still sides of the government that do fight for the people. The DEA plans to slow down opioid abuse heavily in the oncoming years, and this process couldn’t begin a moment sooner.


Opioid Abuse Prominent

It’s shocking to see the number of people dying from the number of drug swirling about the streets. Opioids/opiates happen to be one of the biggest problems out there. They are generally the same thing but classified separately due to their manifestations. Opioids are generally synthetic like painkillers, where as opiates belong closer to categories of opium or heroin. Neither one will treat pain like they are propagated to. They will provide a cookie cutter band aid that leaves the user, abuser, or alcoholic in more pain than they were in to begin with.


Often times doctors will dish out opioids as that band aid in an effort to procrastinate on finding an immediate solution. Some doctors even get kickbacks for prescribing painkillers; amongst other controlled substances. There are hundreds of dirty docs out there that will gladly pass out prescribed pharmaceuticals like a bowl of candy on Halloween night. Now that’s not to say they’re all like that, but some do absolutely take advantage of the cracks in the legalities of prescription opioid medication. Law enforcement is the only thing that stops the masses of our country from turning into this rampant junkie zoo. Thank goodness the DEA plans to slow down opioid abuse even more so.   

Speed Up the Slow Down

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been putting blueprints into play for years now as a matter of fact. It’s not like this chemical plague sprouted up overnight; it’s been in the making for years. A year ago in 2017 they helped see to it that a new law was created which decreased the amount of opioids to be manufactured by 25%. To be thorough with the new laws the DEA made sure to enlist Morphine along with:

  • Oxymorphone
  • Hydromorphone
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Fentanyl


Fentanyl is the main culprit for the shockingly high number of overdoses that continue to transpire. It is the mack daddy of painkillers and is the entire reason that the DEA plans to slow down opioid abuse; hopefully upturning this nasty epidemic sooner than later. The likes of which has began spreading internationally. Heroin from all over the world is now being cut with this synthetic opioid that’s potency can’t be kept up with even for black belt junkies. No addict is safe if they are actively using with this stuff on the streets.


The DEA’s Plans

The DEA has made several minor attempts throughout the years to try and contain the outbreak of opioid abuse, but it seems now things are more serious than ever. The DEA plans to slow down opioid abuse by implementing their ‘360 strategy’ along with a few other choice moves. The 360 strategy will allow the DEA to team up with local law enforcements, other federal agencies, substance abuse treatment facilities and community nonprofits. This plan alone will provide relief thru:

  • DEA leadership and coordinated DEA enforcement actions; targeting all levels of drug trafficking organizations and violent gangs supplying drugs in neighborhoods
  • Engaging drug manufacturers, wholesalers, practitioners, and pharmacists to increase awareness of the ongoing opioid problem
  • Push for responsible prescribing and use of opioid medications throughout the entire medical industry
  • Changing community attitudes through outreach and partnership with local organization giving them the tools to fight the heroin and prescription drug epidemic


Yet, the DEA doesn’t plan to slow down opioid abuse with that lone action plan. No, they have other plans in store as well as including another manufacturer reduction law in 2019. Big things are on the way for such little things; such little things that have taken the country hostage and now are a force to be reckoned with.


At the end of the day, the main culprit is the disease of alcoholism. Many are grateful for the efforts of the DEA plans to slow down opioid abuse, but there needs to be more. More prevention. More consistency. More help. However you look at it, addiction will find a way no matter how much change is made. Only time will tell if these concentrated efforts will really provide any positive difference. In the meantime, there’s a war going on outside no one is safe from.

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