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Top 3 Worst Addictions in the U.S

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Chapped lips are the absolute worst. Have you ever had those awful splits that form on the corners of where your top and bottom lips meet? They begin healing and then every time you open your mouth too wide to eat or talk, they just rip right back open. You can glob on chapstick, aquaphor or vaseline for your healing pleasure, but the splits take an eternity to finally heal. Have you ever had that happen?


It can be hard to notice something like that when it’s not actually happening to you. It’s easier to understand misfortune when it occurs in your life and you’re not just watching from the sidelines. Addicts recognize addicts, politicians politicize politics, hurt people hurt people, etc. There’s a certain level of understanding that comes from experience. But after experience after experience, we often begin to take things like this for granted. We get so caught up in life that we switch on autopilot without even realizing it, coasting thru out mortality in the most mundane of ways and forgetting to appreciate unchapped lips when they’re not.


Realistically, we all do this from time to time. As long as we’re not stimulating death’s door, what’s the issue? Well everything does that these days. Whether it’s due to war and famine, natural causes, or chemical intervention, the reaper is never too far away. However, the idea behind life itself should be to cherish every moment were given and live in that present; ideally speaking of course. So that means doing a whole lot of living versus a whole lot of dying. That being said, then why do so many choose to test the waters with things that could strip us of that remarkable life? Why do we allow the top 3 worst addictions in the U.S. palpability?


The Faces of the Top 3  

What a lot of people aren’t aware of (or they are and just don’t care), it that the top 3 worst addictions in the U.S. are actually all right in front of our faces and packaged with a legal smile. That’s right, the chemical substances that are killing the most people in this country are legitamitally sold right in front of our very own eyes. Even stranger is that nobody bats an eye at all the destruction going on. The media/government is able to portray things with the right inflection to make the evils in our world seem less harmless.


Let’s lock up ole Billy Joe in the slammer for smoking crack, but we’ll let him have his carton of cigarettes to keep sane. This is just one minor example of the ass backwards laws that exist as far as the top 3 worst addictions in the U.S. go. Crack cocaine is an extremely detrimental drug, but then again so is the chemically laden nicotine the man is allowed to consume. The top 3 worst addictions in the U.S. include:

  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Opiates/Opioids

Sure there is a plethora of other substances that can put you into psychosis or can even conduct a heart failure or two, but these aforementioned drugs are the most dangerous in the clan.


Nicotine Dreams    

One of the deadliest chemicals we happily ingest sober or not, happens to be cigarettes. Wait, cigarettes worse than drugs? Yes and no. Technically they’re not a narcotic, but they have enough mood altering additives to persuade thinking.


Cigarettes are one of the most addictive thing in the United States and the rest of the whole wide world. They can and will indefinitely cause heart and lung damage but yet everybody continues to inhale the toxic fumes like they’re going out of style. The Center for Disease Control states that for 1 in every 5 deaths in America is cigarette related, i.e.: heart disease, lung cancer, or even aneurysms.


Booze Clues

Alcohol seems like such a normal everyday thing, just like our friendly cigarettes. You can purchase alcohol in gas stations, restaurants, sports events, bars, liquor stores- the list just goes on and on. As I’m sure most know who are reading this, alcohol can cause a person to lose control of their mind and body. For some this is a recipe for fun, for others it’s disaster. Alcohol can be just as deadly as it can be dangerous.  


Danger lurks due to the way the beverage inhibits your motor skills and functions. Your thinking becomes clouded, control of self is lost, and piss poor decisions are continually made. It easily destroys your insides, particularly concerning your liver, kidneys, and brain. Eventually organs begin shutting down and the body starts going into survival mode- it’s not pretty. Now let’s throw DUI’s in the mix too. There’s not only danger possibly being caused upon ourselves, but now other passing pedestrians and cars are endangered. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there- period. There’s more than ample evidence as to why feeds into the top 3 worst addictions in the U.S.


The Pain Train

Lastly is the crowd favorite: opiates/opioids. These are distributed by medically licensed physicians but are also seen being pushed by drug kingpins. The reason for this is typically opioids are synthetic and distributed legally, where as opiates pertain more to heroin and illegal forms of poppy. The result has allowed an epidemic to spawn out of addiction to such. Overdose and respiratory failure plague every neighborhood in the United States. Opiates/opioids undoubtedly kill more Americans every year than any other legal/illegal drug because of the fact they play in both fields.


The use of opiates/opioids is very controversial like the other two aforementioned acts of chemical warfare. All 3 substances chart the list for the top 3 worst addictions in the U.S. Beware or be aware, either way know what you’re putting into your body. Someday you may not have that option.


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