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Best Rehab and Recovery in Forest County, PA

Best Rehab & Recovery – Forest County, PA

Our alcohol and drug abuse treatment center near Forest County, PA, provides many programs and resources to assist patients in defeating addiction, achieve sobriety, and maintain long-term abstinence.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Our substance detoxification program utilizes medication management, nutritional guidance, and counseling to smooth the transition to sobriety.

Detoxification helps prep the mind and body for the challenging work ahead, leading to complete recovery.

Also, medically-assisted detox ensures the safety of the client.

Testing and Assessment

An in-depth assessment at admission allows our admissions personnel to identify which treatment is most appropriate for each individual, and develop the most efficacious program possible. All treatment programs start with this evaluation, so our professional staff will have a thorough comprehension of how to most effectively treat your substance use disorder.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our rehabilitation programs provide direction through each phase of treatment. We customize treatment to the unique needs of each person. We also develop our services based on scientifically-proven models. After a successful detox, patients can begin treatment on either a residential inpatient or outpatient basis. A treatment specialist will help the patient decide which program is most applicable. Treatment methods include:

  1. Psychotherapy addresses psychiatric disorders, personality and behavioral disorders, and emotional problems via organized therapeutic and customized sessions.
  2. Group recovery therapy promotes a culture conducive to recovery, in which addicts mutually support each other, and bear witness to each another’s struggles and successes.
  3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the idea thatt an individual’s learning play a big role in the development of negative behaviors, such as substance abuse. In a nutshell, CBT offers behavioral instruction.

Inpatient Programs

Engagement in the secure, managed environment of an inpatient program allows the patient to start fresh, and also develop new interpersonal and coping skills.

Most programs actively encourage family members or friends to join in the treatment process.

This provides the patient with a connection to the outside world, and lets them harness support from those closest.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs include many of the same facets as residential inpatient programs, but require less commitment. For example, an outpatient program may be applicable for one who does not require or cannot commit to an extended inpatient program.


Sober living homes are great for patients who would like house supervision.

Support group participation can also provide continued support. Effective aftercare is intended to prevent relapse and help the patient to build life skills after initial rehab is over. This support is critical, especially in the initial phases of sobriety.

If you life in or near Forest County, your recovery from drug addiction or alcohol awaits! You can reclaim your life! Please call now!

Just Believe Recovery is a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

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