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Best Rehab & Recovery – Wayne County, PA

Best Rehab & Recovery – Wayne County, PA

Our highly-effective alcohol and substance addiction treatment center near Wayne County, PA, has the latest in scientifically-proven treatment available. Yes, we CAN help you reclaim your life – healthy and totally free from substance abuse!

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Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Wayne County | Just Believe Recovery PAFor patients who seek a medical detox, we provide services in a clean, secure, clinical setting.

During detox, patients may be given medication in order to (1) alleviate undesirable withdrawal effects and (2) prevent a fatal overdose.

Detoxification is an integral part of the recovery process, as it lets the patient get a fresh start, and begin on his or her own unique path to sobriety.

Simply put, the ultimate goal of a medically-managed detox is to ensure the patient’s safety and well-being while they are undertaking the often grueling process of withdrawal.


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Testing and Assessment

All patients, upon admission, are required to interview using an in-depth assessment tool. Our competent specialists then apply the information gathered to the patient’s treatment plan. Our main goal is to attain a thorough understanding of the patient’s physical and mental profile. We must determine how to most effectively confront the patient’s addiction and other mental disorders, if present.


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Evidence-Based Treatment

We develop our treatment programs tightly around evidence-based treatment strategies. Some treatments include:

Psychotherapy for addiction includes a myriad of strategies utilized by therapists. For example, some activities may be centered around discussion of current problems, or analysis of prior trauma or emotional experience.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy based on the importance of thought and how it affects our emotions or behavior. It is based on the belief that our thoughts contribute to our feelings, and therefore, our behaviors are the nend product. This is in sharp contrast to external factors, which may include other people, events, and circumstances. Therefore, we CAN successfully learn to alter our thought process, in order to feel and behave more appropriately, even when our circumstances are not altered.


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Inpatient Programs

Inpatient or residential programs accept patients with all manners of addictions, and provide them with medical care, therapy, and related activities 24-7.

Residential treatment programs are special, because patients live in the center while also receiving treatment.

Activities may include self-help groups, personal counseling, and finess therapy. They may also be rendered medication daily, as well as other medical services if deemed appropriate by medical staff.


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Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Treatment includes services advantageous for patients who don’t seek a medical-assisted detox, and need a flexible schedule to continue engagement in family, school, or work obligations during treatment. The treatment offered is comparative to that which is offered in residential inpatient rehab, except the patient is permitted to live independently or among the community.

If you live in or near Wayne County, your recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism awaits you! You can reclaim your life! Please call now!


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Just Believe Recovery is a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

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