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Best Detox in Scranton, Pennsylvania

If you live in Scanton, and you have been struggling with addiction, you most likely have experienced the symptoms of withdrawal at one point or another. These harsh, uncomfortable symptoms can be enough to keep addicts in their addiction because they want to avoid the situation.

However, you don’t have to go through it alone! By going to a drug detox program, you’ll be taken care of so your symptoms are minimized, and you’ll be making the best possible step toward a life free of active addiction.

The Dangers of Cold Turkey

Addiction is a powerful disease, and your mind and body have become extremely dependent to your substance of choice. When you try to quit or run out of drugs, your mind and body go into a state of shock, which leads to the symptoms of withdrawal that you experience. You may believe that the best way to get sober is by quitting on your own, but the reality is that it’s not only uncomfortable and painful, but it can also be dangerous as well.

Many years ago, some doctors, psychologists and treatment centers believed the “cold turkey” method was the best way to help people get sober. Their philosophy was that the harshness of the situation would be enough to make addicts never want to use again, but science has since then disproved this theory. Addicts sometimes get this same idea, and they think they can simply tough it out, but self-detox can lead to potentially fatal seizures or heart failure.

Finding a Detox Center For Scranton Residents

If you live in Scranton, you may want to strongly consider going through the detox process .This will help you have some peace of mind that your triggers aren’t waiting for you beyond the walls of the facility, so you’ll be able to easily transition into inpatient or outpatient treatment. The detox program will provide you with the medical attention you need to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable throughout the process.

The medical staff will closely monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, and they have the means to keep them both under control. You may also be prescribed medications that help with detox like Suboxone, which is used to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal for heroin and prescription drug addicts.

Don’t let addiction put your life on hold. This is the best way to improve your chances of overcoming addiction and living the life that you deserve. Get out of Scranton and get the quality drug rehab you need. Call us today.

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