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Please note that these documentaries are taken from real life. They are dark and may contain content that is disturbing or inappropriate for younger viewers.

The Dark End of the Street (HBO) (1999)

This documentary profiles four young adults who are living in on the street in San Francisco in the mid-1990’s. They all have one thing in common – they are addicted to black tar heroin, which is considered to be the least pure heroin available.

Alice is just arriving in San Francisco from Portland, Oregon. She is just 21, and new to the world of heroin junkies. She and her boyfriend panhandle for money to buy drugs. Oreo, another profiled character, is a male prostitute with a girlfriend., Jennifer. He is arrested for stealing money from an undercover police officer.

Jake, another prostitute, has been diagnosed with HIV, yet continues to “work” and has not sought treatment. Tracey has just been arrested for selling heroin and spends 6 months in jail. She is clean during that time, but returns to using upon release. She professes that she would like to improve her life, but says she is unsure what she could do differently, even if she were able to kick her heroin addiction.

Jessica works for an escort service in order to pay for drugs. She has recently begun smoking crack cocaine, and says that heroin doesn’t get her high anymore. She is arrested for prostitution and also discovers she is HIV positive.

HBO is known for it’s gritty documentaries, and The Dark End of the Street does not disappoint. Along with a sad and seductive soundtrack, it is dark reality at its best. It is perhaps one of most objective documentaries on addiction ever filmed, as it explores the lives of real addicts, without passing judgment on its subjects.

Crackhouse (BBC) (2003)

Crackhouse is a documentary filmed by a former crack addict. Although he has recovered from his addiction, many of his lifelong friends are still using. When he returns to his hometown of Liverpool, England, due a death in the family, he is shocked at what he sees. His then decided to make a film from the inside of this world, and not just from the outside looking in.

Nicki has a nine-year-old son, but prostitutes herself six nights a week to earn a living and pay for her addiction. Tonya is on the run from the police. She has a two-year-old daughter, and is trying to find a relative to take care of her before she turns herself in. During the course of the documentary, she is arrested. Virginia is another friend, pregnant, and living in squalor.

Crackhouse is one of the more unique documentaries on addiction, as the director, Carl John, states “Sometimes I wonder if I’m a crackhead trying to be a filmmaker, or a filmmaker pretending to be crackhead. I had a foot in either world, and it was starting to become a problem.” The director’s insight into these characters was profound due to his history with drugs, and yet he was struggling to relate to them and their current circumstances.

More documentaries about addiction to come! Just Believe Recovery Carbondale PA

If you suspect and you or someone you know is an addict, please seek help immediately.

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