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Understanding Your Daily Reprieve

Understanding Your Daily Reprieve | Just Believe Recovery PA

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Have you ever stopped to just sit in amazement at where life has delivered you? Think about it—we are all born into oblivion, handed the power of choice, and let loose to figure it out. As we begin our travels, through our unmeasured exploits, we tend to make errors while slowly finding our way. Moreover, we are not born as perfect people into this less-than-perfect world.

When you add addiction to the equation, perfectness diminishes even more. Those afflicted with such will wake up every day wanting to deny its existence. That’s the delusional reality in which we convince ourselves. However, reducing the delusions is more than possible—but it will take action, perseverance, and time.

What Is Reprieve?

A reprieve is a cancellation or postponement of something. Regarding chemical dependency and the concept of recovery, this could not be a more fitting definition.

Staying clean is a challenging task that takes a lot more work than many realize from the outside looking in. There are things that alcoholics and addicts must do to preserve the sanity they’ve rediscovered from their nightmarish addictions. Sobriety in and of itself is considered to be a daily reprieve. This means taking a daily inventory to keep all the checks and balances in place.

Daily Awareness

When we stop to take a look at our sobriety or any recovery-related aspects, we will find that relapse begins in the mind way before the actual act is performed. The daily reprieve is among the essential elements of recovery that keep relapse at bay. But tragically, relapse is a reality for many.

If you were given a dollar for every time a person who is doing well in recovery becomes complacent, you’d be quite a bit richer. You see, the tragic part about it is that it’s the beginning of the end when this mindset takes control. It is a shortcut right back into the pits of despair in which our addict thinking leads us back. Recovery delivers us the promises, but at some point on our timeline, we begin to get bored and, whether good or bad, may seek out drama and excitement.

Addicts and alcoholics often crave stimulation and impulsivity. As everyday life begins to become mundane, and we forget the many things we are grateful for, addict-like thinking begins to get louder. It’s amazing how quick this mindset can manifest as stress begins to accumulate, and appreciation is forgotten.

But this is where a daily reprieve is crucial for keeping addicts and alcoholics keenly aware of the potential for relapse. In fact, taking time to examine oneself while being reflective about what makes you the way are can be exciting all on its own.

Daily Introspection

Understanding Your Daily Reprieve | Just Believe Recovery PA

One of the most therapeutic ways to enact a daily reprieve is through the power of writing. Although putting words to paper can seem like a chore, sometimes, learning how to effectively journal can be an essential tool. In a daily reprieve, it can allow the author to get thoughts out on paper and vent to themselves. Sometimes in life, we don’t realize something is true until it’s black and white, sitting right in front of us. This form of daily reprieve is almost like being your own therapist.

A few other methods we can implement to help us with a daily reprieve can include:

  • Yoga/meditation
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Listening to or playing music
  • Practicing the 10th step of AA
  • Talking to others
  • Reading a book
  • Watching thought-provoking documentaries or films

While many of these are about finding a quiet space to allow ourselves to think, a few of the techniques involve using the perspectives of others to stimulate our train of thought.

Daily Reflections

Other writing tools can be just as beneficial if we choose to use them. Making a gratitude list, for example, can open the eyes of the author and shine light in certain areas that were shaded. Keep in mind that it does not matter if you consider yourself to be extremely intelligent or, conversely, uneducated—we all need to engage in some form of expression.

When we as individuals write about hardships and daily struggles, it allows us to put things into perspective that would typically be challenging to do on an emotional level only. Although, as recommended above, keeping a mental list of our daily struggles can be a helpful outlet, it can also be confusing and burdensome. Writing out these things that we are thankful for can allow for significant growth and change in a person’s daily reprieve.

It’s all just another manner of thinking—we are breaking down the walls that confine our perceptions of ourselves while simultaneously searching for enlightenment. In practicing such, we are creating the best versions of ourselves, whether we are sober or not. A daily reprieve can and will benefit any person who is looking for growth.

Getting Help for Addiction

Just Believe Recovery is a licensed addiction rehab center that employs highly-trained medical and professional staff committed to addressing the unique needs and goals of each individual enrolled in our programs. We offer an integrated, personalized approach to addiction in both partial hospitalization and inpatient formats.

Our programs feature evidence-based services that have been proven beneficial for the recovery process, including psychotherapy, counseling, group support, aftercare planning, and much more.

If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome substance abuse, we urge you to contact us today and discover how we help those who need it most break free from the deadly cycle of addiction for life!

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