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Using Your Insurance to Pay for a Detox Center in PA

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Are you struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol? Or, do you have a friend or relative who is suffering with a powerful addiction? If the answer is yes to either question, there are many excellent detox centers in Pennsylvania. When looking at a detox center in PA for you or a loved one, it’s important to determine whether it accepts your health insurance. Look at some facts relating to health insurance coverage for addiction treatment.


How to Find Out if Your Insurance Covers Detox

One way to find out if a PA detox center accepts your health insurance is to go to the center’s website. In many cases, a detox center will list the types of health insurance it accepts. There may even be a page on the website that answers frequently asked questions about health insurance and payment. Another way to find out if a detox center accepts your health insurance is to call the center. Most detox centers have counselors on duty who take calls about health insurance matters as well as many other issues. Or, while you’re online, you can conduct a narrowed search for PA detox centers that accept the type of health insurance you have.

Maybe you like what a particular PA detox center has to offer, but it doesn’t list your health insurance on its payment page. Don’t put the option aside. Call the detox center and explain your situation to one of the counselors. The professional is likely to have some alternative options you may want to take advantage of.


What If You’re Not Sure About the Extent of Your Health Insurance Coverage?

Once you know that a particular PA detox center accepts your type of health insurance, you may have specific questions about coverage. Some questions may include: How many days in treatment does my insurance cover? What type of treatment does it cover? Outpatient, residential or both? These are important questions to get answers to. The best way to get those answers is to call the detox center you want to go to. Once again, the counselors who answer the phones can answer questions like this simply because they’ve probably been asked them before. Another way to go about it is to contact your health insurance company. The representatives there can check your specific health insurance plan to get the answers you need.


What to Look for in a Detox Center

Looking into whether a PA detox center accepts your health insurance is a small step on the path to getting help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Be sure to keep your focus on selecting the detox center that is best for you. One quality to search for is a center with several types of therapy. Many people have been helped by traditional approaches such as group and one-on-one therapy. But, today, you can enhance the success of those therapies by participating in others. Equine therapy helps you to heal by taking on the care of a horse that depends on you to groom it, feed it and clean its living area. As you get to know that horse’s personality and habits, you feel more confident in your own skills and ability to take care of a living thing. Plus, being around a horse can give you a sense of peace and calm that you have likely been missing in your life. Other types of effective therapy include:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Cinema therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy

A team of capable addiction specialists is another quality to search for when evaluating detox centers in PA. Addiction specialists have the responsibility of evaluating you as you enter the facility. You want addiction specialists who will make an individualized plan of treatment for you. In other words, the treatment plan you get should be based on your specific struggles and causes of your addiction. In addition, look for addiction specialists who provide a dual-diagnosis when necessary. A dual-diagnosis includes a mental health condition alongside an addiction to drugs or alcohol. So, you may receive a dual-diagnosis of depression and drug addiction. You may find that your drug addiction is a result of your depression. Perhaps you used drugs to relieve the feelings of depression in your life. You may not receive a dual-diagnosis, but if you have a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder, it needs to be addressed at the same time as your addiction is being treated.

As you look at different detox centers in PA you may be focusing on just the specifics involved in addiction treatment. But, look at what else the center has to offer you. You may want to look at whether the detox center provides nutritious meals to clients. When you build up your physical health with balanced meals, you will find you have more strength as you deal with your addictions. Checkout whether the detox center has fitness facilities including a gym or even a swimming pool. Exercising and clearing your mind of negative thoughts contributes to your recovery from addiction. Other things to look for include: walking paths, recreation rooms for visiting or just quiet places to sit and read.

The outside area around the detox center is also something to factor into your decision. One detox center may be in an area with lots of gardens, trees and grass. Another detox center may be in a more urban area. Your surroundings can contribute to your state of mind as you go through recovery. So, think about the type of environment that would aid your recovery.

Once you decide to get help, it’s best to make your move into treatment right away. Our understanding counselors are available to take your call 24 hours a day. Call us today at (888) 380-0342

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