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What Are the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in PA

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Facing a drug or alcohol addiction is challenging, and the situation can feel even more intense when you have endured a program that left you with a bad experience. Instead of giving up on your goal of sobriety, change the features that you’re looking for in a center to achieve success.

Examine Features

After having a negative experience at a drug and alcohol rehab center, you might assume that all other centers are the same. However, centers can vary from one another greatly. As you’re searching for a new place to better your journey, take some considerations into account:

  • inpatient and outpatient services
  • program specific to your needs
  • the core of the program
  • comfortability when visiting

Allocating some time to researching these components can help you to enroll in a program that is the right fit for your needs.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

If you’ve participated in a rehab program before, you likely already know that inpatient programs are residential and outpatient programs are not. What you should look for is a program that has both components. In other words, select a program where you can reside at the facility. A residential program can seem a bit frightening at first, but getting out of your regular environment can encourage major improvements in your recovery. Still, though, select a program with an outpatient component too. Once you are finished with the residential stay, you want to have resources to continue guiding you. For example, you might attend outpatient meetings that are connected to the facility, or you may virtually meet with a counselor through your phone or computer.

Program Specific to Your Needs

You don’t want to just enroll in any program. Instead, find one that is specific to your needs. For example, your addiction may really require you to enroll in a program that has medically supervised detox. When the body is going through withdrawal from certain types of addictions, serious physical effects can come into play. Medical supervision helps in the monitoring and ameliorating of those effects. It’s also possible that you’re in need of a program that can treat both a drug and alcohol addiction, or you may find yourself needing to enroll in a program that can help you with your addiction and other components of mental health. Selecting a rehab center that offers the specific services that you need can make a major change in your recovery.

The Core of the Program

Different programs have different core concepts that guide them, and you should look for the right fit for yourself. Some rehab programs are based on specific religions, and others take a more general spiritual approach. Still, other rehab centers do not infuse religious or spiritual beliefs at all. You should enroll in a program that matches with your beliefs. Otherwise, the practices employed may not have an effect on you. Other programs will integrate specific types of therapy or approaches to helping you to recover. For example, the counselors may encourage you to participate in activities that allow for the exploration of artistic or athletic skills. Other centers may incorporate a holistic approach where the staff members aim to bolster your overall health. When you are meeting and speaking with representatives from the rehab centers in which you are interested, make sure to find out what approaches are used and what the core of the approaches are. Doing so can help you to find the right program in which to enroll.

Comfortability When Visiting

You should also visit the center before you enroll in the program. Going for a tour of the center and meeting with representatives can help to provide you with a sense of whether or not you would feel comfortable going through your recovery program here. You can get a feel for the vibe of the center and the sense of community that exists. If you live far away from the center, try to make the effort to take a tour. If doing so is absolutely impossible, ask about a virtual tour. Of course, make sure that you speak with a representative and ask all of your questions. Do not let a negative experience in the past prevent you from moving toward a healthier and happier future. You can speak with a counselor at any time. To get started on this more positive journey toward optimal health, call 888-380-0342 now.

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