What Is an Intake Appointment Like at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in PA?

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The intake process at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Pennsylvania is one of the most important steps you will ever take. It’s also one that you may be curious about and wants to learn more about before you go in for your intake. If you’re going into detox or residential treatment center, and you’ve never been to one before, it helps to be more at ease if you understand the process. That process will begin with a very important intake procedure.

Consider an intake to be an introduction of sorts. It’s you introducing yourself to the people who are going to help you, and the people who are going to help you let you know a little about them, too. Like any productive exchange, it should be based on honesty, both your own honesty and the honesty of the healthcare professionals who are there to introduce you to recovery.

The Intake Process

An interview about your substance abuse and medical history is usually the first part of your intake. Your drug and alcohol treatment center need to know the depth of your addiction, the types of substances you’re addicted to, and basics like what started your addiction in order to assess what kind of treatment approach you might respond to. These initial questions may make you nervous. To put you at ease, here are a few things about the intake process that you need to know.

  • It is an interview meant to help you the most
  • It’s necessary because a treatment center needs to know the medical history
  • The person interviewing you is a caring, kind professional who wants to help
  • Your interviewer is trained to put you at ease during the interview

In fact, the person doing your intake has likely done thousands of intakes in their career, and they know exactly the kind of anxiety you might be feeling. Their job isn’t just to jot down your medical and substance abuse history. It’s to ease your anxiety by being personable and professional. Soon, you’ll be completely comfortable in this interview.

The Paperwork

Intakes involve a lot of paperwork. That’s because you’re an important person to your drug and alcohol treatment center. Your case is one that they want to build, and they want to use the information they learn to cater a treatment plan just for you. That’s why it’s so important to have all the paperwork done, and it’s also important that you read and agree to the type of treatment you’re about to receive. Paperwork is well worth the time it takes to complete.

Occasionally, some treatment centers may ask you to fill out questionnaires about yourself and your view of your addiction. By answering these questionnaires, your treatment center healthcare professionals will be able to pick up on whether there might be a dual diagnosis to screen for or whether you might respond better to one type of treatment over another. Like the intake interview, these questionnaires are for your benefit, and they are worth the time it takes to complete them.

After Intake

After your intake, it’s likely that you’ll have a medical exam. Medical doctors and registered nurses are often a big part of the treatment center, and they want to make sure that you’re physically well, too. Sometimes people who have a substance abuse disorder might neglect nutrition, and during the medical exam, the doctors and nurses can determine if you’re suffering from malnutrition or any other disorders that they want you to get help for. The entire process is all about your health, both psychological and physical.

Many clients of drug and alcohol treatment centers are nervous before their intake, and if you’re nervous, that’s okay. No one likes to talk to strangers about deeply personal things, but remember that you’re not talking to strangers. You’re talking to professionals whose life goal is to help people just like you get well and recover from addiction and/or alcoholism. It’s their job to help you, and every single question and questionnaire is for your benefit so that they can give you a customized treatment plan that works for you. Their job is to get you better. Your job is to focus on getting better. Together, you and the team at a drug and alcohol treatment center can rebuild your life brick by brick.

If you need help with a drug or alcohol problem, please contact our counselors at 888-380-0342.

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