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What is Self-Medicating?

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There are thousands of things we know in this life. There’s probably double that that we don’t know. One of the ever so significant revelations that we have fortunately deduced is that alcoholism is a monstrous disease of sorts. It slinks into our livelihood ever so stealthily, destroying any and everything positive life has offered as of late. Alcoholism is not just some overnight occurrence that people are able to willpower their way out of, nor is it any justification for drunkards to wallow in their doped excuses. It is a disease that builds it’s foundation over a graveyard of misery as time continues to unravel.

For most the disease take years. It hides in plain sight, convincing addicts/alcoholics that everything is all  hunky dory as they willingly damage everything great in their life. One way or another, eventually the day comes when there’s an apparent problem at hand. It can’t be ignored any longer. Some bring this upon themselves the old fashioned way by seeking out narcotics/booze on the street. Others end prescribing themselves their own addicted misfortune. Self-medicating is a strong catalyst for chemical dependency. Far too many rationalize their usage due to trivial legalities, but addiction is addiction.

The truth will always come knocking sooner or later. It may take longer for some than others for this epiphany to arrive, but eventually the powerlessness and unmanageability of addiction are too poisonous to continue going. An antidote is required, but not the one we’d like to prescribe ourselves.


Medicating Self

Anybody who has chosen recovery over addiction realizes the pure glory of it. It’s another chance away from the chaos. It’s not until our world has fallen apart that we create any such option though. Self-medicating is a prominent issue around the world that adds layers of fat to belly of addiction. This disease eats well. Many addicts sprout up in the middle of the night innocently self-medicating to cope with the stresses of reality, only to be snatched up by the invisible disorder.

Life is stressful, let’s be real here. There is no pause button or any fairness divided among the near 8 billion people attempting to coexist on this little blue marble. Self-medicating to deal with your struggles seems feasible at first glance, but unreasonable doubt soon settles in. Problems will only stack up on each other like a teetering version of Jenga, ready for you to make your constant next move. However, it’s all worth it. Life is something that is absolutely worth every second. Do not fool yourself into needing a reason to numb away time. Enjoy it, take advantage of it. We forget how few of seconds there really are in this life.   


You’re Not Your Own Doctor

Remember: addicts have a great way of needing instant gratification. When the good things in life don’t come to us as quickly as we desire, self-medicating delivers the sought-after effect. Addicts crave this inner peace, artificial or not. Doesn’t everybody? However, we go chasing it rather than allowing things to unfold in their proper manner. The drugs end up providing much more than we bargained for.

Self-medicating has created a slew of problems that spawn substance abuse issues all over the world. Some of the telltale signs of self-medicating are sure to exemplify:

  • Worsened Mood When Not Using It
  • Turning To the Substance For Solution
  • Loved Ones Expressing Concern   
  • Constant Anxiety Over Next Usage
  • Problems Piling Up In Correlation

These are just a few of the minor symptoms. A thin line soon draws itself between self-medicating and full blown addiction. This is where the perfect recipe for devastation lies..

Addiction Prescription

You see, self-medicating allows us to justify everything going on around us. It is the beginnings of an obsessive state of mind taking over. As addiction take it’s hold, problems related to our usage will only worsen. This is where the disillusionment of self-medicating and addiction come in clearly. Being the alcoholic thinkers we are, we convince ourselves that more will fix the problem. Yet more of whatever it is that we are self-medicating with will only turn bad from worse and worse eventually into ugly. Gasoline ignited this fire, so why would more gasoline put the fire out? The logic of an active alcoholic would love to rationalize that one.

Once we have accepted the idea that self-medicating is not helping but hurting, it is then that we can open our eyes to the hands reaching out to provide help. Addiction is a disease that will consume every aspect of rationality as we struggle to keep our heads above water; self medicating is the short cut there. This unhealthy state of mind and even unhealthier way of living will hypnotize us into believing we don’t need help. If only this was anywhere near true. It’s up to us to accept help when/if the time comes. Recovery is the best medication for addiction, so prescribe yourself something actually useful.

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