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What Is The Average Cost Of An Opiate Detox?

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You have a serious problem. You’re struggling with an opiate addiction. It’s a challenge that is too big for you too challenge by yourself. It’s going to take more than the support of friends and family to overcome substance abuse. Professional help at a rehab facility offers the best chance at successfully achieving recovery. Your opiate abuse may have been triggered by a prescription for pain, such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, or Fentanyl. Otherwise, an illicit drug like heroin could be to blame. Regardless of what type of opiate has become an addiction. an addiction recovery program can help you to break free. Opiate detox is the first place to start.

How Much is Opiate Detox Going to Cost?

For many people, accepting the need for a substance abuse treatment program is only the first hurdle. Finding a way to pay for it is a major issue that keeps victims of addiction from getting the help that they need. As you consider your options for recovery from the source of your addiction, the cost of opiate detox is a concern. On average, outpatient detox runs around $1500 and involves receiving treatment during the day at a facility. The patient goes home at night. Inpatient detox is a different story. It is usually considered part of a comprehensive program at an inpatient treatment facility. Most patients stay for at least thirty days. Costs could be between $6000 and $20000. Individuals who stay for a 90-day program could be faced with a bill as high as $60000. Outpatient detox is the most affordable option for treatment. Prices vary from program to program.

The Cost of Opiate Addiction is the Highest Price You’ll Pay

The thought of paying for detox may be daunting, but going without treatment will force you to pay a much higher price. Opiate addiction will consume you if you don’t take control of your life right now. It will put a strain on your relationships. It could make you lose your job. Addiction to opiates can ruin your health. It can make a person close him or herself off from others. The need for more opiates can outweigh everything else in life, placing finances in jeopardy. When you are living with addiction, it can feel like you are not living at all.

Help is Available to Pay for Opiate Detox

While the cost of treatment may seem like an obstacle that is too hard to overcome, you need to remember that opiate addiction is stealing your independence. It’s controlling your life and your decisions. It’s taking away your joy. The cost of an opiate detox and rehab program may be a hard burden to bear, but there are options that can make your care more affordable. Alternatives include:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Sliding scale fees
  • Financing programs
  • Financial assistance offered by the state

Explore the options that are available to make opiate detox more affordable. Your primary care doctor, a good friend, or a loved one can help you to navigate the system if it is not possible to do research on your own.

What Happens in Opiate Detox?

During an opiate detox phase of recovery, a victim of addiction must stop all opiate use. Medical professionals will provide supervision and support during this initial stage that many consider the most challenging. When you are cut off from the source of your addiction, you will be faced with withdrawal symptoms. They include:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Exhaustion
  • Digestive problems, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

During this stage in treatment, all toxins that have accumulated in your system will gradually be eliminated. How long this process takes will depend on the type of opiate you have been using, how much you use, and how long you have been addicted to opiates.
While no one welcomes the effects of withdrawal, successfully completing this phase of treatment will pave the way for a life of sobriety.

Detox is Only the Beginning

Some rapid detox programs make false promises, telling clients they will be completely cured after their brief detox stay. Detox is only the first step. Once withdrawal is over and all traces of opiates are gone, it will be possible to begin a rehab program. Treatment will consist of individual sessions with a therapist as well as group meetings with others who are facing the struggle of addiction. Learn how to deal with the cravings that draw you back to opiate use. If you are dealing with chronic pain, an illness or an injury, learn about non-narcotic solutions to address your pain. Find out why opiate addiction took over your life. Learn new strategies to deal with challenges in the future. Get the support of medical experts who know how to lead you toward lasting freedom. Support group meetings can also be invaluable, reminding every victim of addiction that you are not alone in this fight. Hearing stories from others and learning what challenges are being faced can cut addiction down to size. It can stop being a problem that is too big for you to handle by yourself when others are going through the same thing.

Now is Your Chance to Put Opiate Addiction Behind You

We know that you feel overwhelmed by opiate addiction. You have questions about detox and rehab. You don’t know which way to turn. That is why our counselors are here for you. Call 888-380-0342 at any hour, day or night. We are here for you seven days a week to help you. Reach out now. You’ll be able to explore your options to get started. It’s time to take the journey out of addiction. Don’t let the shadow of opiate addiction darken your world anymore. The right treatment program can shine a light. Let us help you to find a good fit for you, beginning with detox.

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