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What Personal Information Will I Be Required to Give a Drug Rehab?

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Beginning your recovery journey from addiction may seem intimidating, belittling, and scary. Often, it’s the stigma that surrounds the addiction subject that prevents most people from seeking treatment from drug rehab. According to statistics, your chances of a successful recovery and relapse prevention increases when professionals stationed at the drug rehab handle your treatment process. Nonetheless, its always easier said than done.

While seeking addiction treatment from drug rehab is a personal choice, the institution may require personal information from you during the admission process. Some people shy away in fear of exposing their private details or doubt the confidentiality process. Details on what to expect during admission and screening can be hard to find. So, what information will the drug rehab facility require from you during admission for addiction treatment?


Your legal name defines your identity as a person and is attached to every identification document you possess. Names are important in identifying you as a patient in the rehab as you expect to find many others being admitted into the facility. In most admission forms, you will be required to submit your first and last name as they appear in your national identification card.

Contact details

Contact details include your current email address, home address, postal code, residence (city and state), and phone number. Contact information is crucial during aftercare therapy. Most treatment facilities incorporate aftercare support to monitor the progress of a recovering addict after their treatment is complete. Also, if you signed yourself up for admission and failed to show up the contact information could help the drug rehab reach you and offer alternative help. Patients signing up for outpatient addiction treatment require serious follow up in case of medical emergencies within the treatment period. Ideally, contact information is essential when the rehab needs to communicate with you.

Marital status

We understand that some of these questions might be too personal, but they are important in formulating your treatment program. Marital status aims to understand an individual and their source of support during addiction treatment. A huge number of addicts seek treatment while undergoing a divorce or separation. Your therapist should use this information to build a personalized treatment program to help you heal from both the addiction crisis and strained relationships.

Date of birth

Your date of birth should always be accurate, showing your current age. Information on age should help your therapist and doctor in medicating and treating the addiction problem. It also helps determine if you need a guardian by your side during treatment. Parents or guardians must accompany children under the age of eighteen during admission.

Method of payment

Like any other services, you must pay for addiction treatment. The drug rehab will request to know how you intend to pay for their services. Finances are also a leading barrier to seeking addiction treatment. Most facilities accept cash and insurance as modes of payment. Your insurance could partly cover some fees and force you to dig into your pockets for the remaining amount. Straighten out the details with your insurance company before signing up for admission at the treatment facility.

Insurance information

If your insurance company accepts to chip in for your treatment, you will proceed to hand in information about them. You will provide your insurance company’s name and contact details. You are also required to provide the subscriber’s name, contact details, and date of birth. In this case, the subscriber is the person whose insurance you are using. For instance, the TRICARE insurance covers army veterans and their family members. You will use whoever’s name is engraved in the insurance policy forwarded to the treatment center. They will also want to know your relationship with the subscriber and the name of the subscriber’s employer. Be sure to feed in accurate details as they are subject to confirmation before your treatment commences.

Some people have cold feelings towards these types of questions as they may seem a little too intrusive. However, you are advised to answer them honestly. These answers aid counselors and doctors to determine the best treatment paths for you. The screening process ensures that once the treatment begins nothing should deter its continuation. Issues such as payment and insurance can interfere with treatment forcing the patient to relapse back to drug use.  

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