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When Does An Intervention Become Necessary?

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When Does Intervention Become Necessary?  


“Study the past, if you would divine the future”. This quote comes from the legendary Confucius and is as wise as it is simple in means of quotes regarding our existential timeline. It should really emanate for addicts and alcoholics. Without the past, alcoholism will always rule the roost. You see we all live our lives forward and understand them backwards, this is why the future is anxiety and the past is depression. Yet many of us are quick to forget the past and turn on autopilot as we coast unknowingly into the future. However, if we do not catalog the past then most of us are destined to repeat it. The future and the past then slowly become one in the same as all growth comes to a halt.  


Once again, this is a seemingly easy task for some- but then there are addicts/alcoholics. We are a people that often need a push in the right direction before momentum is gained. You may have figured out how to keep your life together, but what about those close to you? Think about it. As you sit and gaze upon your immediate circle, how many seem like they need help recognizing the mistakes they have repeatedly made? Then the question evolves to to how long do we watch that person(s) sabotage themselves? Hope clearly only does so much. What do you do when it is adamantly clear that they need help since they can’t make the right decisions on their own? At what point does intervention become necessary?


Lights, Camera, Intervention

Intervention becoming necessary is never a fun realization for any parties involved, but sometimes it’s the exact thing needed to keep somebody above ground for another day. When it comes to chemical dependency, irrationality usually takes over. Using addicts and alcoholics think they have more of themselves together than they really do. They see the world thru a filtered lens compared to the rest of reality.


I mean, alcoholism really is its own set of theatrics. It can be quite a show for some, but it almost always ends as a Shakespearean tragedy. Suggesting the need for intervention is like telling an egomaniac actor that they need a script when they would rather improv. Then we watch the actor botch the performance over and over again after having given them suggestions. We can recommend the script once again, only to most likely have it declined. Then we watch them fail a few more times at doing something they think they have all the answers to. Eventually you see that person get fired off the set for good, and such is a great analogy. Addiction stops for nobody sadly. The worst part about it is most addicts and alcoholics have so much potential if they would only just listen.

When Are Things Considered “Bad Enough”?

Intervention can be a messy situation when you want to help somebody but also not enable them. Most find that through the love they have for their addict, they typically end up helping them in their ploy for debauchery instead of thwarting it. Most will try to believe that person when they tell us they lost their job for non drug related reasons. We try to believe them when their nodding off and tell us they just didn’t catch a lot of sleep the night before. We even try to believe them when money has gone missing and they claim their angelic innocence. Yet if we believe everything they tell us despite its truth, at what point are we really helping them? We’re not! After any pattern of enablement has began or the addict’s life has begun to dissolve, THIS is when intervention becomes necessary.  


Often the addict doesn’t realize how their negative actions affect the lives of those close to them. Why should we just sit around and take part in this destructive behavior? A few other signs to look for when intervention becomes necessary for your loved one can include:

  • Deceptive Behavior
  • Constant Financial Issues
  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Getting Arrested/Receiving Charges
  • Lack of All Responsibility


These symptoms can be just as consistent with somebody who just started using, but more times than not they are telltale signs of abuse and the need for intervention becoming necessary.


Attention to Intervention

It’s never easy for friends and family to accept that their loved one has a problem before that person can even admit it to themselves. Again, irrationality takes place and will tell the addict/alcoholic that things aren’t as bad as they seem. There is this obsession that just runs all aspects of productive thinking as morals/values are tossed aside. A part of them might recognize that things aren’t too well off, but addiction will always be the voice of “unreason” that intervenes intervention. It’s a disease and it’s not until we fully understand this that intervention will become necessary. This goes for addicts and the loved ones of.


All we can do is take a deep breath and attempt to mediate the chaos that is happening before our eyes. The idea is to get a message across to our chemically dependent friend regardless of how they have to receive it. Sometimes jail and/or hospitals are good intervention segways due to the nature of what has led them to that point in time. Then there’s the conventional way of intervention which can be as simple as gathering a few loved ones to express their concern to the addict/alcoholic in question. It doesn’t matter how its done, once again- it’s the message that matters the most. The reality is if intervention is being called into question in any capacity, the situation probably calls for it. Don’t wait for your addict to damage themselves any further, you could save their lives without realizing it.

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