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Who Does Couples Treatment Work Best For?

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Rehab centers that offer couples treatment do so to give both partners the best opportunity to overcome their substance use disorders. As rehab is an individual’s best option to beat addiction, couples treatment gives both partners the chance to face the challenges of recovery together.

Instead of having one partner go to rehab or both partners attend different rehabs, treatment facilities that allow both partners to receive treatment at the same time can treat the initial triggers behind the addiction, as well as any issues like codependency. Moreover, going through treatment together helps both partners learn how to become the best support system for each other both inside and outside of rehab. While there are many benefits for couples treatment, these types of programs stand to benefit some more than others.

Who Should Go to Couples Treatment?

The best candidates for couples treatment are those that have a strong relationship. These types of partners will benefit the most from being treated together as separation during recovery may make them more likely to relapse. If both partners share a positive and supporting relationship, this can be a motivator for them to achieve sobriety.

Treatment centers consider the following factors when deciding what couples should receive treatment:

  • Both partner’s commitment to each other.

    These partners should be equally committed to each other’s recovery and willing to put in the hard work to become sober. Though each person’s unique recovery program will be tailored to meet their specific needs, having their significant other with them will help to reinforce their commitment to each other and to the treatment.

  • Each partner’s individual needs. Just as there are some couples that will benefit more from couples treatment, there are others that should be treated separately.

    In certain situations, one individual may have specific needs that would be best addressed individually. If this is the case, each partner may be sent to separate facilities. Couples that have a history of violence or various psychological or medical issues may require more intensive individual care.

Whether you go to rehab alone or with a partner, being in treatment gives you the chance to overcome your substance abuse. Just as being with a partner will remind you that you have their love and support at all times, being apart from them should still be a strong motivator to continue as both of you believe in each other enough to find sobriety on your own.

Types of Treatment for Couples

Couples treatment is similar to the treatment that any other individual may experience in rehab.

A typical couples treatment facility features the following programs:

  • Detox – Detox is an important part of couples treatment. Couples rehab centers offer medically managed detox to help couples cope with the symptoms of various substance use disorders.
  • Inpatient Rehab Inpatient treatment programs feature medically managed detoxification, 24-hour support, and a variety of therapies ranging from individual sessions to group therapy. Inpatient rehab for couples also allows partners to receive couples therapy to help each individual unlearn negative habits associated with substance abuse.
  • Residential – Residential treatment features 24-hour residential programs for couples that lasts a period of 30 – 90 days.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages couples to overcome addiction by identifying and changing problematic behavioral patterns.
  • Outpatient Treatment Outpatient addiction treatment is a flexible option for couples that have busy schedules.

Managing Recovery as a Couple

Once a couple has undergone rehab and left the treatment facility, they’ll have to navigate the challenge of recovery together. By committing to help one another avoid cravings and triggers, both partners stand a better chance at succeeding in sobriety. As they remind each other of the skills and tools learned in rehab and regularly attending peer support groups and aftercare programs, couples have a better chance of staying sober after treatment.

If a treatment facility believes both partners to be good candidates for couples treatment, they will enroll them together. For many partners, love is the strongest motivator to get sober. As partners rely on each other and themselves to push through the hardest parts of the recovery process, they’ll be able to achieve sobriety and maintain abstinence as they continue to develop a strong and supportive relationship.

To learn more about couples treatment, please call us at 888-380-0342. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day.

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