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Why Is It So Hard for Me to Stop Drinking Even With Help?

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If you’re struggling with alcoholism, you may wonder why you haven’t been able to stop drinking even though you want to. You’re not alone if you’re someone who has an addiction to alcohol and has struggled with staying sober after you receive help. It’s actually quite common to relapse after trying to get help, but the goal is to never give up. It’s important to realize that each of your relapses provides you an opportunity to learn and grow in order to strengthen your recovery in the future.

There is a wide range of reasons as to why people relapse, so it’s important to discover what’s been holding you back. One of the primary reasons people relapse after getting help for their alcohol addiction is due to their willingness to get sober. Thankfully, after a relapse, you’re often in a much better position to begin taking suggestions and implementing them into your life. Through a quality addiction treatment program, you’ll discover why you relapse and learn how to avoid these situations in the future.

Why do People Relapse After They Get Help

Alcoholism is an extremely powerful psychological disorder, and it’s important to realize that it doesn’t want you to get better. Unlike when you struggle with another illness, the disease of addiction makes you think that you don’t need help. When you go to the doctor for a physical illness, most people take the medicine they’re given so they can recover. Unfortunately, there are many people who get help, but they’re resistant to treatment, which can be one of the main reasons for their relapse.

Even without an addiction to alcohol, it’s extremely difficult for people to make changes that will help improve their life. The problem is that when it comes to addiction, without changing certain aspects of your life, it can make your problems much worse. The main reasons that people continue to drink include the following:

  • To get a feeling
  • To get rid of a feeling
  • To have an escape

Although your mind may tell you that you should drink because it’s fun, the reality is that drinking stopped being fun a long time ago. If you hope to live the life of sobriety that you deserve, it’s important to go back to treatment with an open mind and learn how to deal with life in a new way. Whether your relapse has been the result of not changing the people in your life or not using the tools you were given, you can learn from these mistakes and have a fresh start.

An Open Mind is the Answers

In addiction treatment, you receive a lot of suggestions that are designed to help you not only get sober but stay sober as well. It can be difficult to take these suggestions because those who struggle with an addiction to alcohol believe that nobody understands what they’re going through. The reality is that you’re not the only one who is having these struggles, and there is a solution. The first step is to keep an open mind and be willing to take the suggestions of people who specialize in helping people just like yourself.

While you’re in treatment, the best thing you can do is begin taking suggestions and putting them into practical use. Some people wait until their out of treatment to begin practicing what they’ve been taught, but sometimes that’s too late. As you interact with treatment professionals and your peers in treatment, it’s can be extremely beneficial to begin trying to use the new coping skills that you’re learning. This way, when you go back to work or your home life, you can begin dealing with the stresses of life in a much healthier way.

Don’t Give Up

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol and have suffered from multiple relapses, never give up hope. There are many people out there who have relapsed after receiving help, but now they’re living incredible lives. You can do the same by having the humility and the willingness to return to treatment and give recovery another try. Just remember that there’s nothing to be ashamed of by returning to treatment to get the help that you need.

We’re here to help if you’re ready to give you recovery another chance. We specialize in helping people overcome addiction even if they’ve relapsed in the past. Give us a call today at 888-380-0342 to learn more about our treatment program and how we can help.

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