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Why Should I Go to a Detox Instead of Quitting Cold Turkey?

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John Lennon once sang, “Temperatures rising, fever is high, can’t see no future, can’t see no sky. Cold Turkey has got me on the run.” This was a hit single that the ex-Beatle dubbed “Cold Turkey”, and he wasn’t singing about a refrigerated deli sandwich. It was a raw set of lyrics that gave a little insight into his heroin addiction and billowing detox process that comes after being hooked on the stuff. Being addicted to any substance is harrowing, but opioids definitely take their toll. John Lennon is one of many celebrities that was open about his chemical dependency, and many still are. Be that as it may, a lot of celebrities and regular average Joe’s and Janet’s are actually able to tell their story because they didn’t detox cold turkey when push came to shove.  


All drugs and alcohol have do is make life powerless and unmanageable in most instances. For any true addict or alcoholic, it takes a world of blunders and misfortune to finally recognize this truth. Upon realizing this, some of us make the sensible decision looking into detox. This is a tough decision to arrive at.


The word detox is a nasty word. It’s like somebody clawing their nails down a chalkboard, or that obnoxious sound of two pieces of styrofoam chafing together. You get the picture. It holds this negative connotation for anybody who’s been through it or have experienced withdrawals in the slightest. It means discomfort and unpleasantry. It means coming off of any and all combinations of chemicals that may be polluting our systems. For some this is opiates, for some benzos, and for others its alcohol. Or it’s all three together, either way they’ve proven toxic to our lives.


Quitting Cold Turkey is Dangerous

For starters, everyone’s body handles withdrawals a little differently. Every drug being detoxed from will deliver different intensities, but the symptoms of such will only vary by a few degrees. Most individuals will experience similar side effects as the time passes, even if they were abusing different substances. Some of the most common symptoms seen include:

  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of ability to control bowels or bladder
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines/Body aches
  • Delirium tremens/Shakes


Sadly, the detox process is not limited to these symptoms for some. In many cases it can be potentially fatal to the addict/alcoholic’s life. This is why it’s important to go to a detox instead of quitting cold turkey.

Once the detoxification process begins, the body will kind of feel like its dying. Your body has come to expect a specific substance over time, and now it relies on such to get through the day. Your body has a mind of its own as strange as it sounds. Time will seem to come to a standstill as you feel this general sense of unease and discomfort take over. Rest completely assured that it’s not the end, it’s just your body regulating. Every battery has to recharge at some point or face shutting down.   


Like, Really Dangerous

Withdrawals occur only because of how miraculous the human body truly is. Anything we introduce to our body internally or externally, we adapt to it. The body and mind start expecting it. This can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. In the topic of chemical dependency- not so much. After some time, the drugs/alcohol are not the luxury they once were but now a necessity. Reality begins to get heavier.

Why Should I Go to a Detox Instead of Quitting Cold Turkey?

Cravings become this very vivid thing as the body starts going through physical torment. The voice of alcoholism comes in and constantly reminds us that just a sip or a hit of relief would take the hurt away. Who would stop us but ourselves? That’s the revolving cycle we find ourselves in. Alcoholic thinking and dependency will take over and become this haunting trouble that lingers.


Expect for every emotion you’ve ever had to be flying through that head of yours as your body tries to regulate itself and figure out what is going on. Staying hydrated and being fed are vital to the role of rejuvenation. Having somebody there for you will ensure that you’re taking in the nutrients you’re losing thru the different bodily fluids pouring out of you. Medical professionals will be able to monitor blood pressure, fevers, and other potentially threatening things that will occur while the mind and body are readjusting. They will be there to give you advice and talk you through the worst of times when you feel like all the voices inside are taking over. It’ll be tough, but much easier at a detox instead of quitting cold turkey from your bathroom floor.  

Avoid the Dangers of Quitting Cold Turkey

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of what to expect, detox should be done in a facility where medical assistance is available- no ifs, and, or buts about it. The right detox can be a safe place where one is monitored by a trained professional at all times if they like or more privately if they prefer. This makes things so much easier, safer, and successful.


The harsh reality is that is not always possible to do it on your own. Some need a detox facility, lest death be their only other option. Quitting cold turkey can be done, but the withdrawals of that detox can get so intense that no amount of willpower will be able to slay the cravings that begin bombarding. On top of that, major and minor complications can occur that jeopardize our health even more so. What’s the point of detoxing if it’s going to kill you in the process?


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