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Why Should I Go To A Drug Rehab – It’s Not Like I Have Overdosed

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In TV shows, movies, and other media, rehab always seems to occupy a certain point in the story of a person with a drug problem- right after an overdose or a similar low moment. The narrative of rock bottom pushes the idea that a treatment center is the last stop, the result of some kind of major incident.

The truth is that anyone with a drug problem can enter a rehab facility for help. An overdose is a sign of drug use that has gone out of control and that has created a distinct, medical emergency. For many drugs, though, there are actually symptoms and results of abuse long before that point. Whether it’s medical issues, emotional changes, losing a support network, engaging in crime, economic insecurity- all of these can happen before an overdose. All of them can be risky and cause long-term harm. Realizing this fact can show you that the earlier you start a program, the faster you can try to reclaim your life.

Recovery from a drug use disorder isn’t as simple as going through a program and checking off some boxes. It’s a long journey that’s different for everyone. That means there are a lot of unforeseen events and possibly setbacks along the way. Rehab is a useful tool and resource to help you control your drug problem while improving your coping skills, accessing other support, and growing.

An important factor that doesn’t get a lot of attention is that almost all cases of drug addiction also come with other mental health concerns. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, PTSD from trauma, a personality disorder, or something else, these play a major role in a person’s addiction history. In some cases, the condition is part of what may have led you to use in the first place. In others, it might be something that you developed while using as a result of the stress and uncertainty, or other factors present at the time. Successfully treating addiction goes hand in hand with understanding any and all concurrent mental health problems and controlling them as well.

It’s also worth noting that addiction recovery is an extended process. It’s not something that comes from one rehab stay or one therapy visit or one treatment, although it might start there. Recovery is, in one sense, a lifelong commitment to avoid the temptation of using. For some people, that temptation can be very stubborn, especially in challenging times. This is not to say that rehab is not important, but that it is not a final solution for an addiction- it is part of a network of tools and resources available to you. That’s why it doesn’t need to come only after an overdose. You can benefit from it before you reach that point.

The Importance of Rehab

What an addiction rehab facility in Pennsylvania can do is separate yourself from sources of your substance for a while and place you in a supportive environment. How that happens varies from facility to facility. You can find organizations that are religious, that follow 12 step programs, that revolve around meetings, and others that do things differently. What works best for you will come down to learning which of these approaches gives you the most effective support. There may be some trial and error as you learn what works best for you. It is also possible that you can use your own experience and knowledge about yourself to narrow down the options.

The role of treatment depends on your substance as well. Some have complex withdrawal processes that require medical oversight, but others do not. In general some substances respond better to medical interventions, some to therapy, and some to a mix of both. Treatment of all kinds tends to include at least a small amount of therapy in light of the issue of the other mental illnesses that can come with addiction. Therapy can begin in rehab, but because treatment is a short-term intervention, it has to continue afterward with a different service provider.

What Happens After Going To Treatment?

A facility can use a variety of tools to support you in the moment, but another major benefit is that it can connect you with other support after your discharge. A referral to a different facility or program, a meeting with a new therapist, directions to local meetings- all of these can be part of continued care. This ongoing support is crucial for building on what happened in rehab and moving closer to full recovery.

Following up with care after rehab is the best way to ensure that you never need to return. No matter where you are along the journey, you still need to keep striving to maintain your progress. That applies whether you have just had an overdose, have never overdosed, or if you have experienced multiple overdoses.

Don’t think of rehab as a certain step along a process that has to come at a certain point. Think of it as a particular type of support that you might need at one time or another, so that you can keep an open mind about whether you choose to pursue it. It is most useful as an emergency intervention, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make your own decision about whether and what kind of rehab to use. Keep in mind that recovery is much, much easier with support and rehab is an important form of support. Do not wait until things are too difficult or you have no other options.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, rehab can help. Don’t wait for an overdose, which can be extremely dangerous and which is past the point of harm to your body or mind. Get in touch with us today. Call 888-380-0342 and our team will be able to assist you right away.

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