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Will Alcohol Rehabs in Pennsylvania Let You In If You Got A DUI?

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Addiction comes with many repercussions. If you are suffering from alcoholism, getting a driving under the influence (DUI) charge is a repercussion that is possible. Laws regarding DUI vary by state. In the state of Pennsylvania, the legal limit for individuals who are 21 and over is .08 percent. If you are under 21, the legal limit is .02 percent. The number of drinks it takes to get to the legal limit varies per person. You cannot plea for a lesser charge because the charge of a DUI is barred by a statue. Driving under the influence does not only have legal consequences; the consequences can be as tyrannical as severely injuring or even killing yourself or others. Though the repercussions of addiction may raise the bottom, they are not the bottom. Rock bottom is an internal state of being ready to change, not a series of external consequences.

The legal penalties in Pennsylvania for driving under the influences are as follows:

First DUI Offense

Your first offense does not carry the penalties of minimum jail time or license suspension. However, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test for the first time, you could have your license revoked for one year and have to place an interlock ignition device, which is a breathalyzer that you would have to blow into in order to start your car, installed in your car. If you are a cooperative, the only penalty is a 300 dollar fine.

Second DUI Offense

Your second offense could land you jail for five days to six months. The fine could range between 300 dollars to 2,500 dollars. Your license would be suspended for 12 months. You will be required to place an interlock ignition device for the period of your restriction. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test for the second time, your suspension could be as long as 18 months.

Third DUI Offense

Your third offense could cost you 10 days to two years of your freedom. The fine can range between 500 dollars to 5,000 dollars. Your license would be suspended for 12 months, and an ignition interlock device must be installed during your restriction period. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test for the third time, your license could be suspended for 18 months.

Going to a Pennsylvania Alcohol Rehab After Receiving a DUI Charge

After receiving a DUI, you may realize that you have an alcohol problem. Taking the first step by admitting that you have a problem is a major step in the right direction. You can definitely attend an alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania after receiving a DUI charge. If you have a court date, going to rehab is a valid reason to postpone your court date. You would have to contact the district attorney’s office in the jurisdiction where you are being charged to go through the process of postponing your court date. Going to alcohol rehab can even help your case.

Upon arrival at the treatment center, you will meet with the detox team to assess your health and substance use history. If it determined that you do not need detox, you may not have progressed to the point that you have the physiological component of the disease. If you do need detox, you are definitely an alcoholic. Detox will consist of being monitored by physicians, receiving medications, and engaging in healthy activities (e.g. health eating, yoga, meditation, etc.) to safely and comfortably go through withdrawal. Following detox, you will meet with an individual counselor who will assess your psychosocial history to see if any psychological issues trigger your drinking. Your stay at the treatment center will consist of individual therapy, group therapy, family, and experiential therapy to treat the physiological, psychological, social, and spiritual components of your addiction. An effective treatment center will take a holistic approach to treating your addiction.

How to Know if You Are An Alcoholic

Differentiating between an alcoholic and a heavy social drinker can be complicated. Many alcoholics are functioning alcoholics who are successful in their career, own homes, and raise their family. Being a functioning alcoholic may work for a long time, but it will eventually catch up to people as the disease progresses. Though a DUI charge is not automatically a sign of alcoholism, it may be indicative that you have trouble controlling your drinking. Alcoholism is a progressive disease; therefore, it is easier to treat it in its early stages than the later stages.

The recommended number of drinks for males is two drinks per day, and the recommended number of drinks for females in one drink per day. Every person’s makeup is different, so drinking one or two more than the recommended number is typically not a problem. Drinking significantly more than the recommended number of drinks may be a problem. Building a tolerance means that you need to drink more to achieve the effects that you had with fewer drinks in the past; therefore, intoxication is not always an indication of a drinking problem. If you suspect that you may have a problem, you may find yourself drinking in secret because you do not want others to know how much and/or how often you drink. On the contrary, you may feel the need to drink at every social function, and knowing that an event will be alcohol-free may be distressing to you. Loss of control is the hallmark of alcoholism. If your legal standing, relationships, job, or health is suffering because of your drinking, you may be losing control. When the physiological component of alcoholism sets in, sufferers develop withdrawal symptoms when they do not drink. If you cannot function without drinking, you definitely have a problem.

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