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Will Alcohol Treatment Centers in PA Evaluate My Spouse Without a Prior Appointment?

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If you have a spouse who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, it can cause quite a bit of fear. It’s difficult to let go and realize that when your spouse is struggling with alcoholism that you can’t fix their problem. First, it’s important to understand that much like if your spouse had any other disease, it’d take professionals to help them recover. This is why it’s a great first step to help your spouse get into an addiction treatment center that can assist them in creating a strong foundation of recovery.

Before entering treatment, it’s important that your spouse goes through an evaluation, and the facility can do this without an appointment. The evaluation is a crucial part of the intake process because each person with an addiction is different. Those who struggle with an addiction to alcohol may have different needs, and this is why there are different levels of care. By getting an evaluation, your spouse will receive the best treatment plan possible to help them on their recovery journey.

Getting an Evaluation for Alcohol Addiction Prior to Treatment

Addiction treatment can be extremely successful, but it all starts with getting a proper evaluation before beginning the treatment process. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has created a criterion that assists treatment professionals in helping people start at the right level of care. Through researching treatment, you may wonder how people get placed in detox, residential treatment or outpatient treatment. This is decided by professionals once the evaluation is done because the evaluation will assess the following:

  • Readiness to change
  • Living environment
  • Relapse potential and history
  • Withdrawal symptoms and health risks
  • Cognitive and behavioral symptoms

Without getting a proper assessment, some people begin at the wrong level of care, and this can increase the chances of relapse after treatment. Before your spouse enters the program, it’s important for the treatment professionals to know if they’re ready to change and what their history of relapse is like. For example, people with a history of chronic relapse would do much better in a residential treatment facility to focus on their recovery. Understanding any cognitive or behavioral issues your spouse may have can help the facility treat symptoms of mental illness and develop a better treatment plan.

The living environment can be a primary factor when deciding what type of treatment your spouse needs. Although you may be a very loving spouse, it’s possible that your husband or wife is struggling to stay clean because of the environment their in. Without realizing it, many loved ones of those struggling with addiction are enabling the person’s addiction. Getting out of this living environment might be the best thing they can do to build their foundation for recovery.

How Does an Evaluation Determine Medical Needs

The disease of addiction is powerful and makes a person continue to drink even though they’re experiencing health issues. Aside from damage done to the body from excessive drinking, your spouse has also developed a dependence to alcohol. Their body no longer knows how to function without alcohol in the system, and this can lead to dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Going through a medical evaluation helps the treatment team decided how to help your spouse go through the detox process.

In detox, your spouse will receive the medical attention they need to ensure they are both safe and comfortable. Symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can lead to heart issues as well as the possibility of seizures. The evaluation will provide the medical staff with a better idea of how to treat the symptoms of withdrawal your spouse is struggling with. In some cases, your spouse may receive additional medical care through partial hospitalization as they progress through the treatment process.

Getting Help for Your Spouse

If your spouse is struggling with alcoholism, know that there is help available and you’ll be playing a major role in their recovery. Although it may seem difficult for your spouse to go away to treatment for a little while, it’s the best decision you two can make for yourselves as well as your loved ones. Your spouse will get the personalized care that they deserve to they can live an incredible life without having to pick up a drink again. It can also be extremely beneficial for you to get involved with their recovery process so you know how to support them when they come home.

If your spouse is ready to get addiction treatment in PA, allow us to help. Give us a call today at 888-380-0342 so we can evaluate your spouse and get them started on the road of recovery.

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