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Will Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania Let You Restart a Program If You’ve Left Before?

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Have you tried taking a drug rehab program only to relapse after you left? Or did you try a treatment plan and left because you just didn’t feel ready? Relapses can happen to anyone regardless of how well the program they took was. The question that might burn in your mind is whether a drug rehab center in Pennsylvania will let you restart a program if you’ve left before.

If you left the program on pretty good terms, more than likely they will allow you to return to get the help you need. That goes for those who finished previous treatments and those who didn’t. Most centers have seen relapsed addicts before, so it’s not uncommon. Also, they understand when drugs have a harder hold on a person, treatment can seem like a waste of time for those who haven’t realized they need help yet.

Why you should restart a drug rehab program that you’ve left before

Overcoming drug addiction can be hard. Going through treatment the first time is often enough to get someone back on track, but that’s not always the case. Relapses will occur for some addicts, so going back to restart the program, you’ve left before, will help strengthen your resolve and enable you to achieve victory. Returning to the same center is beneficial since you’re already used to the way it runs and you know what to expect in your treatment. Granted the program may change a little to help your recovery stick this time, but you still know how they work.

Also, the staff is familiar with you and your situation. That means less time spent on getting to know you and how you react to certain situations. More time can be focused on treating you so you can get a more intensified experience the next time around. Therapies will go deeper into your life circumstances to evaluate if there are any problems from your past that never surfaced before. This may help tailor your rehab plan to make it more successful this time.

How to know when you should restart a rehab program that you’ve left before

We know relapses can occur with some drug addicts that went through even the best programs out there. Getting back into treatment will be necessary if you’re serious about overcoming the drug problem that’s taken hold of your life. To know when you should go back to the center for another round of treatment will depend on a few things, such as:

  • Whether it’s a short-lived experience or continuous drug use after treatment
  • Lack of support outside of the center when temptations occur
  • New problems arise that lead you to drug use

If you’ve fallen off the wagon, so to speak, once or twice in the months following your last treatment, it shouldn’t be necessary to return. But, if you’ve relapsed to the point where you continually use drugs again, getting help from the rehab center is a priority. Also, if you find yourself in a tough situation with tempted drug use and you have a lack of support to keep you from relapsing, treatment should be your next plan of action to prevent the addiction from coming back. Another reason you may need to return is if new problems came into your life and you find yourself failing to keep from grabbing drugs to find relief.

Can you return to a program that you never finished the first time?

Drug rehab centers are there to help you with your addiction, not make judgments on your reasons for leaving. In most cases, you will be welcomed back with no issues. You may, however, have a stricter agreement the second time to ensure that you are serious about overcoming the addiction. For the most part, things will remain the same with your treatment program, unless experts feel that something more is needed this time around.

You might want to check with your insurance plan to see if they’re willing to pay their portion for the second try. They may not be willing as you quit the first program, but it doesn’t hurt to check. In the event that they won’t pay, you’ll need to ask the center to see if there’s a payment plan you can sign up for that you can afford. Most rehab programs will work with you and your budget to make addiction-free living a reality for you.

Whether you’ve relapsed or left your treatment prematurely, you’ll still be welcomed back to restart your program again. Rehab treatment does work, but sometimes it needs another round of therapy to help you work through the issues that are causing you to backslide in your life. Don’t feel as if there’s no hope just because a relapse occurred. There are others like you that sought to take their treatment again only to find success later on. You can too. For more information, give us a call at 888-380-0342. We’ll be glad to help you.

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