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Will Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Pennsylvania Help Treat PTSD?

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It would be alarming to find out a bunch of people who need addiction treatment are avoiding it because they also have mental or emotional problems. It might be because of shame or insecurity, but we don’t there to ever be circumstances where someone who needs help avoids getting help because they have other issues. The truth is the addiction treatment community as a whole has enough addiction treatment alternatives to address almost any issue.

If you have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) from a licensed mental health professional, you certainly have a significant problem that you have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s tragic you have also fallen victim to a drug or alcohol addiction as well. Given that’s part of your reality, there’s something we want you to know. A lot of reputable Pennsylvania rehabs, ours included, do have treatment programs that will address both your problems at the same time. In most cases, experts refer to this kind of treatment as dual diagnosis treatment. By definition, the treatment facility will embark on treating both diagnoses at the same time with the two diagnoses being the addiction, plus some form of emotional/mental health issues. This is an important topic we would like to discuss in more detail below.

Will Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Pennsylvania Help Treat PTSD?

The short answer to the title question is an emphatic yes. It’s possible there are rehabs in Pennsylvania that don’t have the resources to treat emotional/mental health issues. In such cases, these are the types of facilities someone with both an addiction and another diagnosis might want to avoid. If someone does have dual diagnosis issues, they need to be aware of one very important fact. If there’s any possibility one of the diagnosis is playing a part in exacerbating the other, both diagnoses need to be treated simultaneously. Why? The possibility the untreated diagnosis will interfere with recovery is very real. They are intermingled conditions, making it unavoidable. That’s exactly why top addiction treatment facilities such as ours will make sure there is mental health treatment also available. For what it’s worth, there are two ways a facility can provide dual diagnosis treatment.

In some cases, that responsibility will fall on someone who is qualified and licensed to treat both addictions and mental health issues like PTSD. Absent dual licensing, a facility could always choose to employ a mental health professional to deal with the PTSD while the facility’s therapists handle the addiction treatment. Both options are quite sufficient as long as both co-occurring conditions are being treated at exactly the same time.[ At this point, we would like to discuss how co-occurring conditions interact with one another. It’s important to understand the process in order to understand just how important dual diagnosis treatment really is for the client. We will use PTSD as the basis for this discussion.

How PTSD Causes Addiction

PTSD on its own is difficult for the victim to deal with. It usually requires the individual to use certain prescription medications. Unfortunately, some of these medications have addictive properties. All it takes is just a lapse in judgment to cause the PTSD patient to start abusing their medication. It could happen because the patient increases their dose without the doctor’s knowledge or perhaps they start taking their medication more frequently than the doctor prescribed. In both instances, addiction becomes a real possibility. It’s also possible the mental health issue itself creates the addiction as the PTSD client seeks refuge from their problems. They hide behind a substance in hopes of diminishing the effects of their PTSD condition.

How Addiction Could Cause PTSD

While it’s probably not as common, it is possible for someone’s addiction to cause their PTSD condition. That would be possible if the addiction is creating a lot of turmoil and stress in the individual’s life. As the stress piles up, it can take a tremendous toll on the individual’s well-being. Once things go too far, a whole host of potential emotional and mental health problems could become evident. Even if you are dealing with PTSD, we want you to strongly consider getting help for your addiction.

It’s something we have the resources to help you with when you are ready. We just need you to do what’s necessary to position yourself for treatment. You can begin the process by calling us at 888-380-0342. We would be glad to give you all the information you need about our facility and addiction treatment services.

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