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Will PA Alcohol Rehab Enrollment Help or Harm Me in a Custody Battle?

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One of the things that parents often worry about with enrolling in an alcohol rehab program is that it could hinder their chances in a custody battle because it will make their issues more well-known to the courts. The thing that you have to remember, however, is that going to an alcohol rehab center could actually help you to become a better parent that is more present for your children. You will be able to care for your children more in this way.

Considering a Variety of Factors

The judge looks at many factors when it comes to someone entering into rehab and custody battles. In many cases, a meth addict will have fewer visitation rights than an alcoholic. In addition, the local legal considerations will also be made, and in some cases, they may make their decisions based on stereotypes. Let’s say that someone lives in a state where medical marijuana has become legal. The judge may be more lenient towards the parent who is using than in a state where it remains illegal.

The judge also looks at the length of time that someone has spent in the clutches of addiction, and they will look at whether it endangers the children. For example, if an alcoholic tends to be abusive towards the children, the judge will almost certainly go against the decision for custody. Finally, a judge will look at previous attempts that a person made to get off alcohol, and they will check to see the number of times that someone has relapsed.

Here’s a summary of the factors included in the judge’s decision:

  • Local legislation
  • Length of time addicted
  • The number of relapses
  • The level of danger to the child
  • How many attempts someone made to quit

To look at it bluntly, enrolling in an alcohol rehab enrollment program won’t necessarily help or hurt you in a custody battle because many factors go into the decision. However, the less severe of an addiction that you have, the higher your chances of getting visitation rights.

What Can Happen

If someone has been proven to have drug habits, however, this will almost certainly cause them to lose visitation rights. In those cases, it gets transferred to the other parent or guardian. In some cases, enrolling in an alcohol rehab program can help a parent to get visitation rights of the child. Many different factors go into the decision, but in most cases, they will not see the child while in therapy. Nevertheless, you drastically increase your chances after you have completed the program, and in some cases, this has been the reason that parents have undergone the program. They wanted to get clean for their children. Someone who fails to seek treatment within a year, however, can lose all of their visitation rights. To sum it up, if someone wants to see their children again, going to an alcohol rehab center can help to boost their chances.

Look at It from the Perspective of Helping the Child

One of the things that have often been said is that you should look at it in terms of how it will help you. When you enter into an alcohol rehab facility, it can help you to get better, which will inevitably be better for the children. You don’t want the children to be around someone who is drinking all the time. Giving that child the best chances at a great life mean that you have to be your optimal self. Some of the common problems that children with alcohol-addicted parents have include:

  • Poor performance in school
  • Higher risk of depression and anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Emotional and behavioral problems
  • Early onset of experimentation with drugs

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 888-380-0342 for help. We’re not here to judge you, and we want to help you get clean. We have worked with patients who have addiction problems for a long time, and we have noticed some common threads that allow us to help them with getting clean. Getting clean for your children means that you can be there for them more because when you have problems with addiction, you often can’t see how to get through the problem. We’re here to tell you that it is possible to live a happy and healthy life without alcohol. In this way, not only can you get visitation rights, but you can have a healthy parent-child relationship.

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