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Will Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania Still Treat You If You Have a Criminal Record?

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There’s a lot of reasons why addiction sufferers don’t seek the help they need. At the most basic level, there’s a large group of them who simply aren’t ready to stop using. It’s not that they aren’t having issues in their lives, most addictions sufferers have many problems. It’s more a function of the notion they haven’t hit rock bottom yet, and they have yet to realize the point of no return is closing in on them.

Moving on, there’s another large group of addiction sufferers who have a wide range of excuses as to why the can’t get treatment. One particular situation is the individual who has issues with the law. Realistically, there’s a lot of habitual drug users and alcoholics who have had issues with the law. Their issues can range from misdemeanors to felonies. Here’s a sample of common crimes committed by drug users and alcoholics:

  • Driving Under Influence (DUI) of Driving While Impaired (DWI)
  • Robbery, theft or burglary
  • Public intoxication or disturbing the peace
  • Assault
  • Purchase or distribution of an illegal substance
  • Vehicular manslaughter

If convicted of these or any other crimes, the individual is going to have a criminal record. Some people with criminal records are hesitant to seek treatment because of concerns about being turned down for treatment due to their criminal record. For the folks considering treatment in the state of Pennsylvania, let’s look at the question of convicted criminals being denied treatment because of their past.

Will Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania Still Treat You If You Have a Criminal Record?

As ridiculous as this question might seem, we have to respect the fact that some folks have legitimate concerns. However, it should be clear that almost all addiction treatment centers are going to accept clients with a criminal past. If they didn’t, the facilities around Pennsylvania would be half empty. As we indicated early in the writing, addiction causes a lot of issues in the lives of the people who are habitually abusing substances. The drugs or alcohol distort behaviors patterns and cause people to have poor judgment.

Remember, the simple act of using an illicit drug is a felony unto itself. For these reasons and more, it’s safe to assume almost all Pennsylvania rehabs, ours included, are going to proudly offer addiction treatment services to anyone who needs/wants them. If we have cleared up any concerns about you being able to find an addiction treatment center that will willingly provide treatment regardless of your background, we would like to tell you a little about the treatment process. Hopefully, this will alleviate other concerns and prompt you to seek the help you need.

Starting With Detox

In all likelihood, your addiction to drugs or alcohol is going to be considered significant. If you face the prospects of some rather severe withdrawals symptoms, we will want to start your treatment process off with a stint in a detox program. The truth is your body and mind are going to need time to relearn how to function without the presence of your substance of choice. In a medically-monitored detox program, you will go through withdrawal under the care of medical staffers who want to keep you safe and comfortable. Should you experience issues with nausea, pain or the ability to sleep, the medical staff will have the option to step in and prescribe something to give you relief.

Therapy and Counseling

After your body gets past cravings and withdrawal, you should be good to go through intense counseling. The goal of therapy is to help you understand the root causes of your addiction. You will need to know the triggers that cause you to want to hide behind harmful substances. The more you learn about your addiction, the more you can prepare yourself to deal with your issues in the future. A secondary goal of therapy is to provide you with better-coping skills.

You need to know how to live life on life’s terms without resorting to substance abuse. Armed with the right coping skills, you’ll have an excellent chance of avoiding a relapse. It’s time to put your criminal past aside and stop punishing yourself. You are eligible to get addiction treatment in the state of Pennsylvania, particularly in our facility. For more information about our facility and the treatment options we have in the offering, we encourage you to contact us at 888-380-0342.

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