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Will My Union Insurance in Pennsylvania Cover Opiate Detox?

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You’re struggling with an opiate addiction and it’s snowballing out of control. You can’t make it through a day without thinking about how you’re going to get your next dose. It’s getting to the point that you’re not sure you can get through the next hour. Everything else has been shoved out of the way of your addiction. Your family and friends are upset with you because they see what your addiction is doing to you. You can’t do your job to the best of your ability because opiate addiction is clouding your ability to make decisions. You know that you need help and it starts with Opiate detox. Your main concern is finding a way to afford it. You don’t know if your Union insurance will cover the treatment you need in Pennsylvania in order to turn your life around. You’re tired of being caught up in the cycle of addiction. It’s time to make a change in your life. Your health has to come first.

What Will My Union Insurance Cover for Opiate Detox?

Each health insurance policy is unique, but you will have some type of coverage for addiction recovery. If you are seeking in-network care, more of your expenses will be covered than if you were going out of network. If you seek treatment in Pennsylvania and work in Pennsylvania, you should see more of your bill is taken care of by your Union insurance policy. The main thing that you need to remember is that you have to get help. You need to take care of opiate addiction before you lose everything that is important to you in life. Most importantly, you have to make your wellness your top priority. Opiate detox and addiction treatment are vital if you are going to get on the road to recovery.

Your Employer Must Give You Up to Three Months Off for Medical Treatment

Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are entitled to a maximum of three months off a year while you are still covered by your Union insurance to treat a medical condition. The American with Disabilities Act offers you additional protection of your rights for treatment. This act ensures that your employer cannot discriminate against you if you are undergoing treatment for an illness. Addiction of any kind is considered an illness. You cannot lose your job or your insurance if you have been diagnosed with an opiate addiction. You may not be paid while you are undergoing treatment. That will be up to the discretion of your employer. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that your insurance will cover at least a portion of your treatment and a job will be waiting for you when you have successfully completed the program. If you don’t get your opiate addiction under control, you will have much bigger problems to worry about, like losing your job or putting your life in jeopardy. It’s overwhelming to worry about any expenses that may build up while you are undergoing treatment, but you have to take care of yourself before you will be able to give anything else the attention it needs. It’s like trying to build a house on a shaky foundation. It’s going to crumble under the weight. The same is going to happen to you if you don’t seek help for your addiction to opiates. Financial assistance is available to help you to cover any expenses that are not taken care of by your insurance policy. As for the rest of your responsibilities, turn to family and friends to help you through this difficult time. Talk to your lenders to explain your situation. When you work together, you can overcome the obstacles that are getting in your way. It’s time to make your recovery your main goal.

Seek Opiate Detox Services and More from an Addiction Recovery Program

Once you have notified your employer that you are getting medical treatment for your opiate addiction, you need to move forward. An addiction recovery center can give you the supervision and support you need to put your opiate addiction behind you. The process will begin with an entrance evaluation. This is the point when you need to be completely honest about what you have been using, how often you use opiates, and how much you use every day. Your health and your medical history will also be assessed in order to allow staff members to see the big picture about you. Opiate detox will be the next step in your journey to recovery. You will be closely monitored as the toxins are gradually eliminated from your system. As you go through the debilitating effects of withdrawal, trained medical professionals will do everything possible to make you comfortable. You will be able to begin therapy sessions once your detox program is complete. Learn what made you prone to addiction and how you can avoid it in the future. Find out what your healthy alternatives are when you are dealing with stress or find yourself craving opiates again. Learn how to handle whatever life throws at you without turning to a drug for relief. Once your treatment is successfully completed, you will be able to return to home, family, work, and all of your obligations. You will be given a new lease on life.

We Can Help You to Break Free from Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction has controlled you long enough. Let us help you to take back your life. Call us at 888-380-0342 to talk about our treatment options, your insurance plan, and your future. We are here for you to help you overcome opiate addiction. You may feel like you are walking in darkness right now, but our staff and facility offer you a light to guide you. Find out how you can live without opiates to get you through your day. It’s time to clear your mind and open your heart to the possibility of a healthier you.

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